Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Zakhem turns his back on GU as he joins Giport lions

Gaborone United (GU) sporting club financier Nicolas Zakhem is said to be on the verge of ditching the club to join Gilport Lions. 

The departure of the businessman is expected to bring to an end the season long speculation that he is about to quit GU.

Rumors of Zakhem’s looming departure have been part of the narrative during GU’s year long factional battles that are said to have alienated him from the club. 

While the financier was said to have been approached by some teams to assist them, he however seems likely to find himself a new home at Gilport Lions.

Though details of the marriage between the two parties are yet to emerge, the relationship is expected to steer Gilport to greater heights.  

If Zakhem ultimately joins Gilport Lions, he will once again team up with a former GU Chairman Kelisitse Gilika. 

Gilika was GU Chairman prior to jumping ship and buying Gilport Lions which he currently owns with his wife Portia Gilika. 

Contacted for comment on the rumours that he has joined Gilport, Zakhem was cagey on the details.

He however confirmed his interest in joining Gilport Lions. 

“Unfortunately, I cannot shed any information on this subject as we are still under negotiations and assessment.”

“Currently we are conducting due diligences and as soon as the deal goes through, or Not you will be informed accordingly,” explained Zakhem.

Quizzed on whether he had bid his farewells to GU, a team he has supported and financed for the better part of his involvement in the local football, the construction mogul had this to say, “I did bid the reds family long back a good bye and wished them the best of the luck.” 

While he has always maintained his undying love for GU, Zakhem’s relationship with the team deteriorated during the reign of the immediate past committee. While he has always maintained he has a good working relationship with the current committee, continued factional wars have left him disillusioned.

Joining a team that is registered as a company is considered to make Zakhem more relevant within the club because he could easily make the decisions that will not be challenged by supporters unlike in the community teams where squabbles are high, thus delaying progress.

Allegations are that unlike at GU, where he did not own any stake in the team, Zakhem is expected to buy a sizable number of shares at Gilport Lions. His arrival is expected to boost Gilport Lion’s finances and make it one of local football’s championship contenders. Gilport Lions previously called BMC is yet to make its impact in the local football as a privately own team. 


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