Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Zim spy breached Botswana information and Intel security

Sources inside the Intelligence network have revealed how Canadian born Zimbabwean and Botswana double agent, Andrew Sanderson hacked the whole government enclave information system and infiltrated the Botswana intelligence network.

Sanderson who was working for the Zimbabwean Central Intelligence Organisation in trying to locate alleged MDC military training camps in Botswana had infiltrated the Directorate of Intelligence Services (DIS), the Military Intelligence (MI) and the Diamonds and Narcotics Squad (DNS).

Sources say Sanderson was introduced to the MI team investigating John Kalafatis by the DIS, but letter fell out with the Botswana intelligence establishment after it was discovered that he had hacked the Botswana government information network and was working for the Zimbabwean CIO.

The Sunday Standard was informed that the DIS was so rattled by the embarrassing security breach that the spy organisation command insisted that information about the security breach should be kept away from President Ian Khama. Before he was arrested and bundled out of Botswana, Sanderson confirmed that he was working for the Zimbabwean CIO and that his handler was Zimbabwean ambassador in Namibia, Chipo Zidonga. To prove that he was working with Zidonga, Sanderson borrowed a cell phone from the Sunday Standard to call Zidonga in Namibia. The lady on the other end of the phone, who identified herself as Zidonga then asked Sanderson to drop the phone so that she could call on a more secure line.

The lady called back a few seconds later. At the time, Sanderson was in hiding after escaping from the DIS detention cell where he claimed he was tortured. He told the Sunday Standard that the CIO had a very organised network in Botswana with some of its intelligence operatives working as local taxi drivers. After escaping from the holding cell where he was allegedly interrogated by the DIS, Andrew headed to the Zimbabwean High Commission office in Gaborone where he was hoping his contacts would help sprint him out of the country. From the Zimbabwean High Commission offices he then came to the Sunday Standardoffices from where he planned to skip the country. “Those guys know what they are doing.

They hooked me up with one of their men who is masquerading as a taxi driver. He is the one who brought me here”, he said (READ Indepth for more). The sources inside the Botswana intelligence establishment further revealed how Sanderson was planning to hack the Sunday Standard information server and pass the information to the DIS. At the time, Sanderson was working with theSunday Standard to investigate the country’s drug peddling and human trafficking rings. Sanderson had already made a proposal to the Sunday Standard to manage their information server.

Sanderson whose name comes up in the internet Google search engine as a “tech guy” started Intertswana, the first Internet Service Provider in Botswana which he later sold to UUnet. Sanderson was later arrested by the MI before skipping Botswana and was repatriated to the UK.


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