Thursday, May 6, 2021

ZS Botswana launches digital Roja Roja

A leading Telecommunications and electronics company, ZS Botswana (PTY) LTD, this week launched yet another unique service that has been lagging behind in the bouquet of services within the Telecommunication arena in Botswana.
Speaking at the occasion held at Cresta Lodge, the Deputy Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Communications, Science and Technology, Alicia Mokone, explained that this system, which is expected to enrich the ICT arena, provides radio communications for mission-critical services like emergency services.
“This is the service which is going to enrich lives, speaks to all Batswana and is going to increase the communication between these services,” she said.
Mokone highlighted that the Digital Roja Roja is complementary to other telecommunication service providers, such as mobile and fixed line operators.
“This parallel service has assisted these operators to deliver mission critical services all the time.” She added that this Digital Roja Roja, the quality of communication over the network, is superior to that which is typical to the old analogue system.

According to Mokone, the policy point of view is that this product is very efficient in the use of its spectrum; therefore users are able to establish private connection into their own PABX without breaking into Botswana Telecommunication Corporations (BTC), Orange or Mascom. “Another feature is that, users are able to make private Roja Roja calls within their internal fleet as well as within Gaborone and Francistown. Users are also able to call between these two cities,” she stated.
“Previously we have not had a dedicated commercialized service provider for this service even though it is a very critical service in our economy,” she stated. She highlighted that this service is inline with their objectives of liberalization and participation of the private sector in the delivery of ICT services and as a result of Maitlamo Policy.

Mokone said that this is yet another collaboration between the Government and the private sector where the Botswana Government is stimulating participation of the private business through funding from the Citizen Entrepreneurial Development Agency (CEDA) Venture Capital Fund.

The target market and end-users of the ZS Botswana product offering are mainly corporate, requiring this service for their private mission critical communication which assists them in service delivery.

The Managing Director of ZS Botswana, Trust Matabiswana, disclosed that the ZS Botswana is a service which has been leading for quite sometime.

“These products are new developments that need to be appreciated by all,” he stated. He said they have about 30 employees who are technicians and Engineers.

The Director of ICT, Mabua Mabua highlighted that this service has a potential to grow in the SADC region because there are very few dedicated providers.

“This dedicated service is indeed a blessing looking at how our economy is blooming ÔÇô especially the mines,” he said.


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