Tuesday, March 21, 2023

A Day of Beauty

“A day of Beauty” is a lovely concept through which you can feel better about yourself.

ULTIMATE BEAUTY BBS MALL advises you to feel these easy steps:-

1. Start by washing your hair using your favourite shampoo

2. Fill the bath with clean warm water and then add additives of your choice. Include a nice bubble bath or scented bath oil to soften your skin.

3. While the bath is running, towel dry your hair and apply a generous amount of deep conditioner. Don’t rinse your hair yet, just cover it with a shower cap and then wrap it in a towel to give your conditioner a chance to penetrate.

4. Now, gently slip into the bath.
Soak for five to ten minutes. Work a pumice stone over your feet, heels and elbows to smooth away rough calluses. Lather up a loafer sponge with your most luxurious soap and gently stroke it upwards from your toes to your shoulders, concentrating on the rough sports.

5. Rinse yourself off, then step out of the bath and blot yourself dry.

6. Smother yourself with a rich body lotion and your favourite fragrance, massaging it especially well into the dry areas of your body.

7. Now that your face is nicely steamed from your bath, cleanse it well, massaging it lightly with your fingertips to smooth away muscle tension. Rinse and give your face a once over with your scrub to leave it glowing and super smooth.

8. Now treat yourself to a mask according to your skin type. Apply the mask in your bathroom and, while the mask sinks in, lie down on your bed, feet up, eyes closed, muscles relaxed, mind clear, perhaps with your favourite music in the background.

9. Now return to the bathroom to rinse the mask off with warm water, and rinse the conditioner out of your hair. You want to keep your pampered body dry, so rinse your hair in the basin, cool towel dry your hair and comb it out gently. Give it a chance to dry in the air. Finish your “facial” with toner, nourisher, moisturizer and eye cream. Pat the eye cream onto your lips as well for an extra soothing touch. If you can keep the world at bay a little longer, curl up for a herbal tea or a good book.

“Love yourself” contact: 3923399/71327277

Ultimate Beauty specializes in all kinds of hair styling, including weaving, bonding and dreads, organic root stimulator, hair products (Ladine and Dark and Lovely), human hair pieces and wigs. A well equipped barber room is offered for men.
Massage Therapy: experience the relaxation of hot stone, manicure and pedicure.


ÔÇó 1 Voucher for 30 minutes Swedish massage
ÔÇó 3 Vouchers Hair Cut for men
ÔÇó 1 Voucher Boi Sculpture Gel with nail art


1. What is a day of Beauty?
2. What does Ultimate Beauty specialize in?
3. Where is Ultimate Beauty located?

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