Monday, February 26, 2024

Beauty and Benevolence

When three pageant winners spend their time making donations to those in need, it proves that beauty is not just physical but also lies within. That was the case for Holy Cross Hospice, which was amongst a few beneficiaries of Miss Botswana 2010 1st princess, Moshoeshoe, Miss Tourism Zimbabwe Rumbidzai Mudzengerere and Miss Zimbabwe Malaika Mushandu.

After donating various food items and blankets, P500 cash was handed over by Moshoeshoe. Prayers were said and hymns were sung to help those suffering.

The food items are expected to last at least a couple of weeks.

Moshoeshoe came up with the initiative by approaching various donors in a project aimed at helping those less fortunate. She stated that it was important for other countries to see how beautiful the people of Botswana are, not just physically but also from within.

“I was there with them when they were crowned; they saw how well Emma Wareus did at Miss World so they wanted to learn from us,” she said.

Dr Ndiki Ngcongco, who is a member of Holy Cross Hospice, thanked the young ladies for their benevolent act and noted the role of the youth in the nation’s prosperities.

“The world has changed, children will be our thinkers,” she said.

Moshoeshoe said she was glad to have been able to assist the less fortunate and her timing was crucial, as Holy Cross Hospice’s 3-year contract was not renewed by the donor.

“I don’t know how long they will last, but I know they will not be shutting down their programme now,” she said.

The poor and very sick are usually taken care of at Holy Cross Hospice with various donations, from medical assistance to food, being given. Holy Hospice has been running since 1995.


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