Tuesday, December 5, 2023

A friend for all time

Fly away birds of the sky,
Soar away all sorrows up high
For this here is a tribute to a woman so fine
So do fly away you birds of the sky

To my mother who is one of a kind
My mother who gave me life
The greatest gift one could ever give
A bright morning star she is, to bring
Me light

To her whom I love most,
My mother whom I adore
She sang me lullabies to soothe my soul
With her song she brought me peace in my sleep at night
And when I awoke with the bright morning sun, she
Would fill my life with happiness just with her wide smile

And whenever I cried she was always there to say it is alright
The queen in my life
She would hold my hand and tell me “child,
Everything will be okay”
Oh! How she made the world a better place
My friend for all time
She held my hand when all had faded
And she was there by my side to make me stronger everyday

A treasure with no measure
Always knowing what to say when I had gone astray
You knew, dear friend, how to give advice
And with daddy gone, you were still there for me
“Baby have faith. Whenever you fall, let it be on your knees”
She calmed my fears and wiped away my tears,
Through all the pain life threw at me was there,
To constantly remind to be strong and always to grow
Nearer to the Lord

You would call me sometime,
Just to make sure you say goodnight
Being apart from you made me realize, just how much
I miss you
I will remember always the memories we shared
Even if just a few
I know it will make you proud
If you know
How much I adore you
For you are the greatest
And best friend nearest.

Enkosi Mabubhesi , ndi ya bulela ma.


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