Saturday, July 13, 2024

A look into the BNSC Awards

Truly a black tie event, the annual 32rd Botswana National Sports Council Awards did not disappoint. Clad in their tailor-made dinner dresses and the men in their tuxedo’s, the invitees made their way to Boipuso Hall to attend one of Botswana’s biggest sporting events.

Although the awards started a bit later than initially scheduled, the opening act managed to capture the attention of those present at the awards. Dressed up in sport outfits, the men and women performed aerobic like dance moves and showed their flexibility.

Hip hop group Flexyville and Mophato Dance Theatre did not fail to impress with their properly choreographed dance moves.

Rapper K-boss with his dancers also did not disappoint with their funky dance moves while news anchor turned musician Benson Phuthego managed to woo the audience with his Mzwaki Mbuli like poetic piece.

The Masters of Ceremony for the night, Owen Rampha, and former Miss Universe Botswana, Tirelo Ramasedi, looked equally glum.

Changing her outfits three times, Ramasedi rocked all the three evening dresses, which looked glamorous on the young woman.

Those watching the awards at home, however, did not manage to catch Ringo’s performance as Botswana Television immediately ran the credits before Ringo’s performance.

He too did not disappoint with his closing performance as he dished out his classics and got the mature age group up on their feet dancing.

The after party was still packed to the brim after the awards as people did not want to call it a night.


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