Monday, July 22, 2024

Fashion rules at the BNSC awards

The Botswana National sports council awards were not just about the awards, but also about fashion statements, as fashionistas attended the wards kitted out in the latest fashion trends.

The awards, which were held at the Gaborone International Convention Centre, also proved to be a red carpet event at which the country’s best sports personalities, journalists, civic and political leaders and members of the business community came out to make a fashion statement with their best gowns, dresses and suits. Everyone was looking their best. Of course this is understandable; the awards were broadcast live on national television.

The BNSC awards were a strictly black tie event. Journalists, who are known for not paying much attention to fashion this time out did themselves as they stood neck to neck with Botswana’s snappiest dressers.

Also in attendance was Dosto Noge who is well known for his part in South Africa’s social program, Selimathunzi. He currently presents an investigative show which exposes fraudsters and con artists using hidden cameras on SABC 1.

The dress codes were impressive to say the least, with one person’s outfit looking better than the last one. I can bet that many of the attendants paid a visit to a number of fashion designers and hair stylists and professional makeup artists.

The women looked exceptionally stunning. The awards were presented by One Rabantheng and Bonnie Dintwa of Duma FM, who had to change their wardrobe twice. Although they are popularly known for their radio presenting slots, they carried their live presenting on TV quite well, with Bonnie throwing in a few well received jokes here and there.

“Just in case they are any BBC journalists in the house, you are very much welcome, we just want to let you know you will be safe”, said Dintwa to a burst of laugher from the room.
The band that sang with Lister Boleseng was immacutely dressed in a theme from the 60s.They had a group of four youngsters; two girls and two boys dressed up in 60s garb and showcased the 60’s disco dance.

They took the attendants back to the 60’s dancing the night away like they did in Sophiatown.
Their performance was immaculate, and one would be excused for thinking that they were right in the thick of things back in the 60s.

Rapper Scar also performed with a live band with fast paced mixes from his previous album. The hip hop supremo came out wearing Botswana colours on his track suit outfit.

Words of encouragements were given to the nominees through video playbacks by Connie Ferguson who is famous for her role as Karabo in Generations, and former BNSC chairperson who is currently the vice president of the country, Mompati Merafhe.

Vice president of BNYC Dr Nomsa Mbere attended the event and looked like an angel in a simple white dress that made her look elegant and much younger than her years.

The big winner of the night was of course a woman who is well known for her resilience in sports locally, regionally and at international level, Amantle Montsho.Montsho walked away with sportsperson of the year and sportswoman of the year awards.


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