Wednesday, November 25, 2020

A Love poem for my Loving lovely mother on Mother’s day

My Mother my mother, you are my pride, my diamond, my inspiration.
My mother my mother you are my anchor, my chocolate, my ambulance,
My mother, my mother, you are my password, my pin number, my ATM CARD,
My mother, my mother, you are my incubator, my carburettor, my adrenalin,

The only woman who carried me alone, without complaining for nine months,
The only human who loved me, pampered me and schooled me with great patience,
The only person who risked labour pains and stretch marks, just for me,
The only person who brought me into this world alive alone.

Mum, you are a wonder; you are my best friend,
Mummy, you are more precious than gold, non compares to you,
My mama, you are the queen of my life, the reason for my existence,
Mother, you are my protection, medicine for my soul,

You are my friend, my nurse; yes my very best friend,
You are my teacher, my doctor, yes teacher no mistake,
You are my advisor, my counsellor, yes my chief advisor,
You are my matron, my monitor, yes my boarding master,

Thank you mummy for loving me,
Thank you mum for caring for me,
Thank you mama for valuing me,
Thank you mother for being my mother,

If you wanted you could have suffocated me, yes and nobody would have discovered,
If you wanted you could have aborted me, yes and nobody would have noticed,
If you wanted you could have starved me, yes and nobody would have suspected,
If you wanted, you could have closed the factory early, yes and i wouldn’t have been.

Thank you mummy, happy Mother’s Day.


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