Thursday, June 13, 2024

A night with James Bond

Movie lovers or not, we all know the line, “Bond…James Bond”. Most of us are also familiar with the hype surrounding his leading ladies, and his fancy cars. He is after all known as a suave not-to-be-messed-with gentleman who loves his fine ladies and certainly appreciates his alcohol.

Released on November 30th, “Skyfall” the 23rd movie in the James Bond franchise celebrated its 50th birthday this year.┬áThe Bond franchise is rated the second most successful of all time; the most successful franchise, Harry Potter is also British.

When I received an invite from the British High Commission in Botswana to attend the Invite-only premier of “Sky fall”, I was cynical because I haven’t really followed the Bond franchise since Pierce Brosnan handed over the role to Daniel Craig. I was also tired of movies with too much gunfire and action scenes that didn’t add up. I wanted to watch a movie with an engaging storyline and of course action scenes here and there.

The movie which was premiered at New Capitol Cinemas, Riverwalk, was scheduled for 2030; before that “007” themed non-alcoholic cocktails were served.

With special emphasis on the non-alcoholic cocktails, I always tell people that the one thing I miss about British cinemas is the fact that I am allowed to drink my vodka and cranberry inside the theatre.

Aside from that, the event delivered what it promised ÔÇô a night of glitz and glamour as guests stuck to the ambiguous dress code, “dress to kill”.

There is nothing in this world that beats “men in suits” and as usual the ladies or “Bond girls “as the men referred to them that night, looked incredible in their evening wear. The diverse guest list was a mix of senior business people, media, political figures, TV and radio personalities and their families.

“2012 has been a great year for Britain.┬áOur Queen has celebrated her Diamond Jubilee and we hosted the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.┬á With this screening of Skyfall, the British High Commission will be ending 2012 on a glamorous and creative note and demonstrating the strength of the British film industry,” said Jennifer Anderson, British high commissioner to Botswana.

The movie itself was a lot closer to reality and the action sequences more believable as compared to the previous ones. Although I still like my Pierce Brosnan, Craig is also a good pick for the character.

The movie shows the burned-out side of an agent who had been in MI6 for too long, 50 years to be precise. After getting shot by one of his own in an uncalculated move, he is not at his best.

That is when the movie gets interesting. From beginning to end, it’s packed with a British sense of humour and all things British. Aside from the product placements in the movie, it would count as one of my best movies for the year, a must watch ÔÇô after all, its Bond we are talking about.

Everyone’s favourite singer Adele sings the lead song “Skyfall”, the song is typical Adele but not over the top. As usual she never fails to deliver. Overall, my night with Bond was quite memorable.


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