Sunday, October 2, 2022

A taste of the unique Flava experience

Almost every month, a new establishment crops up in Gaborone, promising to offer a unique experience. The recent entrant to the Gaborone eatery market is Flava restaurant, situated at Molapo Crossing. Although it has been in the market for only two months, it seems like this venue is well on its way to being a highly frequented joint in the metropolis.

Situated in a corner of the mall, with an exciting view from the top, Flava is the best place to got to if you want to meet a good friend over a tasty meal, unwind after a long day or host a celebration with loved ones. It boasts an indoor and semi-outdoor area, with a makeshift stage with ample space for performers to do their thing.

Flava is an ideal venue to let your hair down in the company of loved ones and a small crowd. It has a warm and welcoming feel, complemented by smiling staff in their smart uniforms. When entering the restaurant, one feels at peace because there’s a special African touch which makes you feel right at home. Everything from the d├®cor to the music, is a familiar sense that represents Africa and all what it supposedly stands for ÔÇô peace, love and happiness.

With that in mind, Flava is the right place to visit if you want a lively experience that will leave you with a smile on your face. As the tag line goes, it’s ‘a taste of Africa’.

Unlike the other venues situated in the same mall, Flava is more of a laid back, sit down venue characterized by a mature and calm vibe.

According to one of the owners, manager Kaone Malope, the restaurant opened its doors this year, on February 14th, with the aim to illustrate that anything African can be just as ‘hip’ and appealing as products and/or the culture of our Western counterparts.

“This is showcased through our food, d├®cor, music and general hospitality one is guaranteed to receive at the restaurant,” she says.

The restaurant offers a mouthwatering variety of delicious meals with an assortment of beverages to wash down the meal.

On Fridays there are sometimes live jazz sessions, which is a unique arrangement because jazzy sounds have become synonymous with Sundays.

This past Friday, the restaurant offered patrons a night to sample Angola cuisine and the diverse culinary cultures of that country. This in attempt to expose their clientele to different countries’ culture and food.

One satisfied diner who spoke on condition of anonymity said she appreciated the ambience of the restaurant as well as the music and d├®cor. “It gave me the whole African feel which I think many people like. I felt like I could let my Afrocentric self go ÔÇô kick back, eat good food, laugh and chat with my friends, which is exactly what I did. I will definitely come again next time as I believe this restaurant has a unique offering that sets it apart.”


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