Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Drivers to get a taste of the spaghetti

The Interchange Junction in Francistown currently under construction which is also commonly known as the “spaghetti” will temporarily open for motorists on Monday (December 19, 2016).  

The Principal Public Relations Officer at the Ministry of Transport and Communications, Doreen Moapare confirmed to the Sunday Standard in an interview on Friday that the temporary measure is designed to help de-congest traffic around the interchange during the festive season.
“In a day, hundreds of vehicles transit the Francistown interchange popularly known as the spaghetti junction and since construction began in February 2015, engineers have observed an increase in the rate of congestion especially during the peak hours and holidays,” she said.

Moapare added that meanwhile construction activities continue on the main ramp and the other loop structure. She revealed that construction of the project since inception in February 2015 has progressed to more that 60 percent with its completion expected in February 2017.
“Engineers are assuring that high standards of safety precautions have been taken. Heavy trucks are still not allowed within the construction area, clear temporary and permanent signage has been erected to guide motorists and the general public,” Moapare said.
She said that the Department of Roads urges all road users to exercise caution and care especially that this road is expected to be one of the busiest during this festive season.
The junction which is the first of its kind in Botswana is a component of the 30km Tonota-Francistown dual road project which cost the government over P1 billion. 
The Tonota-Francistown road construction component is complete and is already in use by motorists.


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