Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Accused UB students await judgment

The accused UB strike instigators are yet to know their fate following the end of their marathon internal disciplinary process.
The disciplinary committee has completed its disciplinary enquiry and has submitted the recommendations to the relevant authorities who will pass final judgment on the subject matter, the Disciplinary Committee Chairperson has said.
Speaking to The Telegraph, Professor Martin Mokgwathi who chaired the disciplinary proceedings said, “Yes, I can confirm that my committee has completed the disciplinary process of the accused students and we have submitted it to the relevant offices (DVC-Student Affairs) for action.”
When asked about the exact time the verdict will be passed to the students, Mokgwathi simply said, “I have no idea.”
He insisted that the powers above him are better placed to answer that question, his job was to institute disciplinary enquiry, chair and recommend to the DVC-Student Affairs which he did.
The Deputy Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs, Prof. Lydia Saleshando confirmed receiving the recommendations from Prof. Mogwathi’s committee.
“My office has just received the recommendations. They are currently with the Legal Services department which is tasked with perfecting them. They are still looking at whether the contents are consistent with the sanctions provided in the student hand-book or not; and also correcting it to suit the legal language.”
She would not share the contents of the document said to be highly confidential. The DVC-SA said she is not sure when the verdict will be passed.
Commenting on the topic at hand, the UBSRC President, Kago Mokotedi expressed grave concern on the delay of the verdict as they are now approaching exam eve.
“It has been ages now after we appeared and subjected to the rigorous and unduly process of disciplinary hearings. We are not certain about when our verdict will be, but we are certain about something; the verdict will be handed to us on eve of exams. Such is a notorious trend that exists in UB,” said Mokotedi. Mr. Mokotedi decried the delay saying it subjects them to a serious psychological torture and they cannot focus fully on their school work.
He said he is not sure whether or not they will sit for exams. Asked on what the intend to do if expelled, the President said, “We will exhaust all the internal processes, but we are very much prepared to go all the way to the courts of law to seek redress.”
Meanwhile, the student’s lawyer, Duma Boko said he will come to the rescue of the students should they get a harsh and unlawful sanction.
“We will intervene only after the completion of UB’s internal processes. Once again, we will deal and expose the powers that be in court,” said Boko.
The students are faced with charges of holding unauthorized meetings and disrupting classes. If found guilty, the accused students will either be suspended, expelled and/or dismissed from UB for a period to be determined by the DVC-SA meaning that their victory over DTEF will be short-lived.


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