Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Angry UB students burn suspect’s car

A 27-year-old man from Thamaga Village watched his car burn to ashes as the University of Botswana students went on a rampage after hearing allegations that the man was found with several laptops, allegedly stolen from hostels.

“We got a report from UB that students had burnt the car,” said Central Police Station Commander, Kevin Mookodi.

He explained that three criminal suspects were found running for their lives with students in hot pursuit.

“The suspect drove towards an exit gate which was closed and was caught by the students before the UB security came to his rescue,” said Mookodi. He added that when the police got to the scene almost at mid night, the suspect had been beaten up and his car burnt.

Mookodi also said the security personnel at UB hid the suspect in the guard room to protect him from the angry students.

“The students wanted to continue with their agenda that is why they were insisting when the police detained him,” said Mookodi, adding that the suspect was questioned and later released.
Mookodi said that on being questioned, the suspect indicated that he had come to drop off somebody at the school campus that is when the students went for him.

“There are so many things to investigate him about. Whether he stole, why he was found running away, who burnt the car and about the other two suspects who ran away,” he said, adding that the suspect is tricky because upon questioning he told police that he stays at Tlokweng only to find that he lied.


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