Sunday, May 28, 2023

African Alliance Group’s stock broking firm licensed

The African Alliance Group on Friday launched its new stock broking division ÔÇô African Alliance Botswana Securities, which is a full member of the Botswana Stock Exchange and the fourth licensed stock broking firm in Botswana.

This increases to four the number of operating companies in its stable in Botswana.
The firm, led by Steve McIntyre, will commence trading shortly, pending the implementation of its state of the art brokerage platform.

Don Gaetsaloe, the Chief Executive of African Alliance Botswana, said “there is a strong securitisation trend emerging in Botswana, there have been two new listings in 6 months and the Botswana Stock Exchange’s market capitalization has grown significantly during the past five years”.

“When you combine these variables with African Alliance’s track record of performance and comprehensive research coverage of 19 stock-exchanges across Africa, including Botswana, we are certain our new brokerage will bring genuine competition to this space and broaden the choices that investors have available to them. Our stock broking business will focus on efficient execution, superior client service and world-class research publications,” he said.

Steve McIntyre said, “Our aim is to become the top broker in Botswana within twenty four months. We will use our proprietary technology, depth of experience in Africa, the highest standards of integrity and client service innovation in our quest to get there.”


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