Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Central African Stock Exchanges Handbook launched

BancABC has launched the Central African Stock Exchanges (CASE) Handbook 2013, which profiles all domestic and foreign companies listed on the Botswana Stock Exchange.

The CASE hand book is an aggregated information resource that organizes information for the investing public in the same format between the countries allowing for easy comparisons.

BancABC Managing Director, Jitto Kurian, said that many people who are doing business in Africa will realize that information is hard to come by. He added that they understand Pula figures at a single glance, international investors prefer financial performance in US Dollars. He also pointed out that most information in the CSEA handbook may not be readily available on the internet and so it is the only place where it appears as a single source in the four markets.

“We are proud to be part of a unique endeavour that brings to you very useful information on the listed companies in Botswana,” said Kurian.

He pointed out that usefully, it also allows for companies to showcase their assets in advert form. Kurian stated that through the innovative initiative, Botswana Life, using the BancABC VISA prepaid card platform, is able to offer its customers a secure and convenient benefit payment channel.

“Innovation, one of our core values, plays a central role in us thinking outside the box for solutions. The CASE handbook is also one such initiative we are pleased to support,” said Kurian.

He pointed out that the CASE handbook now profiles over 140 companies listed on the four stock exchanges in Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi and Botswana and added that each profile provides contact details and gives a snapshot of the company.

Kurian stated that it covers their financial results, share price performance and volumes traded in 2012 and provides insights on prospects in the year ahead.

“The handbook brings a fresh and innovative way of accessing valuable financial information and BancABC’s is proud to support such initiative which, in the long term, will facilitate cross-border investments and be a catalyst for regional integration,” he said.

Speaking during the launch, CASE publisher, Jonathan Waters, noted that up until the end of last year, Botswana was ranked number one in the region when it came to market capitalization, but that honour has now been claimed by Zimbabwe, which has experienced something of a mini-bull run since beginning of the year. He said that the market has started to retrace again ahead of the election due at the end of this month and Botswana very well claims the spot again by year end.

“’This is an opportunity to showcase your assets to a wide range of investors throughout Southern Africa and some companies in Botswana have taken out advertising space in the handbook. Our profiles cannot provide a visual display of your assets or your full geographical footprint,” said Waters.

He also observed that the book sits on the desks of most executives throughout Central Africa and is used as a reference tool, allowing for increased information follows in a region which has long established historical links.

“The book is the definitive guide to investing in markets in central southern Africa and is an invaluable medium to drive brand to high end clientele,” said Waters.


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