Friday, December 3, 2021

All Kasi comes to Zebras’ rescue

On Wednesday, All Kasi was blamed for spoiling the Botswana Football Association (BFA)’s P16.6 million sponsorship deal from Orange Botswana. This comes after the former national team technical sponsors announced that they have decided that the P700,000 raised from the sale of AFCON Benefit Jerseys be shared amongst the players and technical staff as opposed to putting it into the cash-strapped BFA bank account.

According to All Kasi management, they took the decision in response to the BFA publicized desire to use the money to finance the association’s existing budget deficit first and then share the remainder among the players and technical staff.

All Kasi said they could not accede to the request because it put the players and technical staff last, which they said is unacceptable.

BFA responded strongly to the decision saying that the action taken by All Kasi to make payment directly to the players and officials was unprocedural. While BFA’s statement, signed by president David Fani, was meant to tarnish the image of All Kasi, the football fraternity backed the kit sponsors.

Despite all the drama which unfolded in midweek, All Kasi has once again decided to rescue the association. With less than a month remaining before the Zebras kick off the 2014 World Cup qualifiers, the Zebras have no technical sponsors, something which has forced All Kasi to save the situation.

The local brand has agreed to dress the national team for their two qualifiers against the Central African Republic on June 2 and South Africa on June 9. Though there is nothing in writing, All Kasi marketing manager, Barnes Maplanka, confirmed on Friday afternoon that they have agreed to provide kits for the Zebras for the two matches while the BFA continues to look for a new technical sponsor.

“It’s unfortunate that BFA has decided to sideline All Kasi in their search for the new technical sponsor. I think they (All Kasi) have agreed to save the situation just for the sake of the nation. Though BFA are close to finalizing a deal with Umbro, I feel that All Kasi was better,” said a source at BFA headquarters.

Sunday Standard understands that All Kasi proposed a joint-venture in the new deal, something which was turned down by the BFA national executive committee.

“All Kasi wanted to be responsible for the production and proposed that another company come on board to handle the marketing part which was going to see BFA being a shareholder to that marketing company. While I believe that was a good deal, BFA declined the offer opting for Umbro,” said a source.

On Thursday, BFA met with Umbro representatives in Gaborone to try and finalise their agreement. Sources close to the developments indicate that initially Umbro did not want to provide the quantity which BFA wanted hence there was another meeting on Thursday.

“The national executive committee is divided on the technical sponsor issue and some members did not attend the meeting on Thursday. In the new deal, Umbro would not be providing the Zebras with boots and trainers which is unacceptable,” said a source.


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