Sunday, March 3, 2024

Kasi boys turn to All Kasi for salvation

Following their well documented failure to lure a sponsor, Lobatse side Extension Gunners have now turned to Tsa Gae (PTY) Ltd to turn their fortunes around. The company, which is popularly known as All Kasi, is expected to sign a five-year management contract with the Lobatse outfit. 

The takeover of the team’s management by All Kasi has raised eyebrows, with many pundits considering running Gunners a poisoned chalice. The team’s supporters are at times considered fickle, and are known to chase the team’s officials and sponsors out of the club at any given time. As a result, the once powerful giants of Botswana football have fallen on hard times, with the team changing its committees time and again. 

With this in mind, pundits believe All Kasi, who are relatively new at managing a football team will find it difficult to succeed at the club. This notion was, however, summarily dismissed by All Kasi Managing Director Ludo Kemoeng. 

In his short speech during the announcement of the impending agreement, Kemoeng was optimistic that All Kasi can successfully manage Gunners. He said that having built All Kasi from just a concept 16 years ago to a brand it is today, he believes his company can turn around Gunners’ fortunes. The All Kasi Managing Director’s sentiments are shared by the team hierarchy. “As the Gunners executive committee, we believe Tsa Gae has the management credentials to turn around the fortunes of Gunners, if not for the best, at least for the good,” Gunners Chairman Phenyo Gothaang explained. According to Gothaang, after looking at how the All Kasi brand was built, they were confident that Tsa Gae could help rebuild the team. 

“When my committee assumed the reins at Gunners, our vision was always to make the team sustainable. If you look at the way the All Kasi Directors conceptualised their brand, it is very commendable and that is what caught our attention,” Gothaang explained.  While he was cagey with details regarding the management contract, sources close to the deal say it was the Management Plan written by Tsa Gae which mostly impressed the Gunners’ executive committee. 

The said 10-page document is said to give a detailed path that the company will take to stabilise the team. 

“Once they take over, Tsa Gae will do the day to day administration of the team. They will manage Gunners’ finances, players as well as the team assets. However, as part of the deal, they will report to the Gunners Executive committee. This will be done only twice a year,” the source revealed. 

In their detailed management plan goals submitted to the Gunners executive, Tsa Gae is said to have vowed to, among others, “turn Gunners into a sustainable commercial enterprise that is able to finance its operations and development plans, make it a credible team that can attract corporate attention and a team that makes great business sense to marketers”. 

“They have also promised to find the team a chest sponsor before the 2017/18 season as well as to return to a ‘championship and cup winning’ side by 2019,” the source revealed. 

Once the management contract is signed, Tsa Gae is expected to “assume full responsibility over the running of Extension Gunners FC.” 

“They will have full administrative rights over all of the team’s operations. They will have the administrative and commercial rights over the use of the team’s name and logo as well as the administrative rights to hire and fire staff at the team,” the source revealed.  

Among the changes expected to be enforced by Tsa Gae will be prudent financial reforms aimed at improving the team’s finances. 

“Among the reforms they have proposed, it is said Tsa Gae will introduce performance based wages. While there will be basic salaries, any ambition of players and coaching staff to earn more will depend on how they perform on the field of play. Tsa Gae believes this will motivate players to put more effort into their jobs. They hope this will also ensure that they do not reward poor performance but rather they reward good performance,” the source revealed.  

While arguing that the Tsa Gae management plan was very comprehensive, the source also conceded that only time will tell whether it will succeed or not.


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