Friday, May 24, 2024

Allegations of a mysterious disease outbreak plague Marina Hospital

Princess Marina hospital has denied allegations that suggest the outbreak of a mysterious disease outbreak inside the hospital.

However a family whose relative died recently say they are considering taking legal action against the hospital, alleging the mysterious disease.

Information passed to Sunday Standard suggests possible disease outbreak.
Authorities have denied such information.

Relatives say any patient who happens to have an open wound runs a high risk of being infected with the said disease.

One patient was buried in Kgagodi village recently.

The family says they suspect the disease to have been responsible.

“It is true that there was an outbreak of strange disease at Marina and the management is somehow trying to hide the outbreak but sooner than later the truth shall come out,” said the family member.

A spokesperson for the family stated that they have already registered a complaint with the hospital “hoping that we will get a better response.”

“We are weighing all options but chances are very high that we may take legal action against the hospital,” he said.

Hospital spokesperson Donnell Kutlapye said there has never been any disease outbreak in any of the female wards at the hospital.

He also denied rumors that some patients have died due to that outbreak.
Kutlapye explained that last week the hospital had a patient who had resistant micro organisms. The patient was sent to Bokamoso Hospital for operation.

He said should they have gone ahead with the operation at Princess Marina it would have forced the hospital to close down theatres for up to two days which would have affected service delivery.

“We therefore saw it fit to refer the patient to Bokamoso where the operation was performed.”

But he could not confirm or deny whether the said patient died or survived. Kutlapye
further stated that when a patient dies, the hospital investigates the cause of death.
“This is an international standard of quality care.”

He emphasized that the infection control team reports on weekly basis to the management on infection control issues including outbreaks and if there are any such issues they are then forwarded to the Ministry of Health.


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