Sunday, August 14, 2022

Bokamoso Private Hospital set to open in January 2010

The Bokamoso Private Hospital, which is a nonÔÇôprofit entity venture between Pula Medical Aid Trust Fund (PULA) Medical Aid and Botswana Public Officers Medical Aid Scheme (BPOMAS) will be launched in January of next year.

The P700 million hospital started construction in March of 2008 and was completed in November 2009. The Hospital has managed to recruit 275 employees who are currently being oriented as well as undergoing pre-training before the hospital opens next year.

The hospital boasts world standard equipment, which is being installed and tested at the hospital based in Metsimotlhabe. The hospital is geared at expanding private options for hospitalization, treatment and care in Botswana.

According to, James Pickle, the Chief Operating Officer of the hospital, the launch of the hospital next year will see a decline in medical cases sent to South Africa for treatment. He told The Sunday Standard that the new hospital will specialize in all treatments and offer specialized surgery as orthopedics, urology, ophthalmology, cardiovascular operations and neurosurgical procedures.

Pickle also said they will be able to accommodate high care patients who require a level of care less than intensive care but more than a general or surgical care, including diagnostics, extended rehabilitation care, ambulatory services and obstetrics for women and children, medicine and intensive care.

Pickle said that the hospital operations will be gradual stating that, “Bokamoso is a 300 bed hospital, starting with 200, along with 30 bed rehabilitation Centre. So in all when the hospital if fully operational we will have 330 beds,” he said.

A full tour of the hospital last Thursday revealed that some of the equipment installed at the hospital was the first in Botswana. Zal Sarkari, the Director of the Hospital and Technical advisor, told the Sunday Standard that the lights used in the operating rooms are world class and the first and only ones in Botswana.

Pickle also said, “Radiology and Pathology laboratories are equipped with state of the art technology some of which will be available in Botswana for the first time. We have an advanced Information technology Department system that will support Electronic Medical Records and a completely paperless system.”

He also said that the hospital has telemedicine capability with satellite connectivity to the United States and other countries.

This will be used in cases where a specialist in Bokamoso requires assistance of another, in which case they would be seen and heard via satellite and participate in real-time.

The hospital also boasts of a comprehensive obstetric unit for women and children where the Labour, Delivery, recovery and post-partum rooms will allow for all the procedures to be undertaken in one room, with the mother not having to be moved.

Lani Wittmonn, a maternity nurse at the hospital said that the individual rooms used for the mothers, which are also equipped with baby courts, will house the mother and the child after-birth and the baby will be moved to the nursery if necessary. “It will help with the mother and child bonding, but if the mother requires rest, the baby can be moved to the nursery.”

The hospital has recruited from abroad more than 8 Batswana doctors who had trained overseas but had opted to remain and work overseas.


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