Monday, May 16, 2022

Alternate Universe brings alternative youth entertainment

Escaping to Botswana’s very own “fantasy land” was successful and incredibly exciting when Lifestyle experienced it at the Alternate Universe Movie Cinema at Game city mall. The cinema which has been around for some time now is one of the perfect get aways for anybody wanting to maintain a sober kind of life. For Doreena Ritonalle, who seemed very much excited when we were told to buckle up our seats, it was the first time she had been to a 6 dimensional movie cinema.

The skillful technique of suspense of letting viewers experience something magical and unreal is mastered by the alternate universe team. When entering the movie house, Doreena asked (curiously) what movie would be showing for us. Mow Segopolo, the manager of Alternate Universe politely told us that it was a surprise, and we didn’t know what we had just entered.

We were escorted to a comfortable seat, with a mandatory seat belt that we were asked to put on for safety reasons. When the movie started, we were quick to realise that the seat itself moves with the actions on screen, creating an amazing experience of living and feeling the fantasy on screen.

The effects themselves play the main role in why this is so incredibly mind-blowing, because, as portrayed on screen they are created in the theatre itself, such as wind, smoke, snow and lightening and even rain!

Giving viewers a taste of the adventure, all aspects in the theatre connect with all senses of the human body and brain.
In the movie house, we were lucky enough to have watched 3 different shows, one of which being a Haunted House and the other being a Snow ride, and I’m most definitely sure that the people standing outside could hear some loud screams and laughs coming from inside the cinema.
“We wanted to create a different kind of gaming or chilling spot, one that didn’t include liquor,” Segopolo continued to explain to Lifestyle.

When asked what kind of market they cater for, he openly told us that “this is for the young and the old and we don’t specifically market for one gender but simply for everyone.” This can be noticed by their use of having real humans in some of the shows, and not only cartoon-like animation shows.

On that note Alternate Universe also has a very exciting deal. For as little as P30 you are able to watch an extra show for free just for being a newbie!

Since the company opened up at the beginning of last year the esteemed cinema has been doing incredibly well as they also have video games, such as Ps4 and X-Box one Console, that are welcome to be used for the reasonable price of P20 for 25 minutes.

The video games are run with an online gaming system and were basically powered with the reason of also leaving your children at the Alternate Universe for 25 minutes or longer while you (the parent) is able to do your shopping. The employees at Alternate universe are not only trustworthy to leave your children with but are also entertaining themselves.

This is not only something that needs to be experienced by everyone in Botswana, but a fun and exciting venue that most definitely lives up to its Alternative name.


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