Friday, July 12, 2024

Miss Universe Botswana tickets go on sale

The stage is set and tickets for the prestigious Miss Universe Botswana 2011 grand finale slated for July 23 at GICC went on sale yesterday (Tuesday).

The event will see a group of Botswana’s most beautiful and ambitious women battle it out for the coveted Miss Universe Botswana crown. The winner will represent Botswana at the Miss Universe finals to be held in Sao Paolo, Brazil, on September 12.

Miss Universe Botswana aims to take advantage of the beauty and ambition of Botswana women to help brand Botswana through diamonds, tourism, and culture.

Last year after a six-year absence, Miss Universe Botswana competition returned and Tirelo Ramasedi represented Botswana in Las Vegas, USA.

Each year, every country is required to bring with her a national gift that is symbolic of anything about their home country. All the gifts are then auctioned to benefit charity in the host city.

Last year, Botswana auctioned a diamond, with the proceeds going to Nevada Cancer Institute to benefit cancer victims. The 1.66 carat Orapa-mined diamond worth more than $16, 000 was named Botshelo and was the most highly priced of all the national gifts. The second-most expensive was Miss Universe Jamaica’s Usain Bolt’s running shoes, which auctioned for $12, 000.

Miss Universe Botswana named the diamond ‘Botshelo’ (life) because diamonds gave Batswana
‘Botshelo’ back in 1967 when Botswana was the third poorest nation in the world.

Miss Universe Botswana 2010’s goal was to extend ‘Botshelo’ to the cancer victims to demonstrate how much diamonds mean to the lives of Batswana and how much Batswana represent ‘a just and caring nation.’

The Miss Universe Botswana ‘beauty and ambition’ theme will continue to be used to inspire young women to not only represent beauty – but ambition for themselves and Botswana as well. With this, the Miss Universe Botswana organization aims to help put Botswana on the world map through her biggest resources being the beautiful and ambitious Batswana women, diamonds, culture, and tourism.
Tickets are available at Mafia Soul Riverwalk as well as various Choppies stores around Gaborone and in Phakalane.


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