Monday, May 27, 2024

Altezza Drivers Donate to the underprivileged

Notorious for being driven by reckless drivers at massive speed, the (in) famous Altezza, a descendant of the Luxury sedan Lexus is often at the receiving end of a social media onslaught regarding their apparently flagrant disregard for other road users.

A group of young men who pride themselves in driving Altezza vehicles are continuously demystifying these rumours by their endless meaningful contributions to different communities and individual across the country.

According to entrepreneur, Duke Molebatsi, who is part of this crew known as the Adventurous Ladies & Brothers Club, also known as ALB is a Non-governmental society/club that was formed by young motorsport enthusiasts from Gaborone in 2012.

Molebatsi also explained that, “The negativity that we always hear from the public is as follows; Altezza drivers are rough, they are always driving fast on the roads, they cause more accidents on the roads, some claim that drivers take their girlfriends. Others feel we are classy and feel intimidated by the fact that people love our cars and how we behave differently from other car clubs. We are always being insulted and challenged on social media. Others even claim our cars are faster than any other cars on the road.”

Their core objectives were mainly to pool and share their experiences and knowledge of Altezza and Lexus cars to assist members maintain their cars to acceptable standards. And also to promote a sense of community among individuals owning and driving Altezza and Lexus cars, members shall from time to time donate to the less privileged kids, cleaning the community environment where necessary, radio donations to the elderly and buying stationery and books to the less privileged kids in the community.

The team also aims to actively contribute towards social causes which shall include poverty eradication, road safety, alcohol and substance abuse and to promote driving awareness behaviour and road safety through liaising drivers with M.V.A Fund, Botswana Police and Department of Road Transport and Safety (DRTS) for safer road use.

Molebatsi also stated that they intend to create unity, peace and prosperity amongst members of the club, and community in general, through charity events and leisure activities as well as to promote the spirit of working together among the members and community.

ALB has in the past made various donations ranging from money, clothes and toys to under privileged children. Yesterday the crew comprised of over 30 Atezza vehicles convened in the mining town of Jwaneng to make a contribution to 2 elderly ladies who reside there. These less privileged members of the Jwaneng community registered as destitute, received donations which included clothes, shoes and groceries.

This is a noble cause by this group of young people in our society amidst the current problems of deteriorating morals and growing social ills. Hopefully this contribution will spread further into the country and continue to grow.


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