Sunday, March 3, 2024

Angolans uplift spirits of Ngamiland farmers

Hainaveld Farmers Association chairman, Phillip Wright, says that the recent visit by Angolan farmers who have promised to buy their cattle has awakened positive expectations in the farmers in the district.

“Their visit and the prospect of being able to sell our cattle have left us with high hopes and excitement,” Wright said.

He pointed out that after failing to sell their cattle for a long time because of outbreaks of Foot and Mouth Disease in the district, meeting the Angolans and hearing about their eagerness to buy their cattle had cheered them greatly and that they look forward to dealing with the Angolans.

Asked how soon he thinks that will be, Wright said that they are waiting to hear from the Angolans and that they are ready to do business.

“We have the goods that they want; we are just waiting for them to start doing business,” he said. “We have enough cattle in the district that would satisfy their needs. The district is currently overstocked.”

There are fears in Ngamiland that some cattle in the district will die because of the current drought, which is affecting the whole country.

Botswana has been selling live cattle to Zimbabwe but this was stopped after the Zimbabwean company that was buying the cattle failed to pay the Botswana Meat Commission P12 million.


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