Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Another councilor leaves BDP

In what appears to have become fashionable for Botswana Democratic Party councilors, Kgalagadi North constituency Hunhukwe councilor Dipogiso Bokadi has confirmed his resignation from the ruling party with effect from 1 October, 2011.

Bokadi said that he has already served the party with the letter of his intention to leave it.

On why he was leaving the ruling party, he said it was because the party has become very undemocratic in all respects.

“The Domi of today is not the one of the past where there was freedom of expression. In today’s Domi, we are always told what to say and when to do that. That is why I have thought it better to leave the party,” he said.

Bokadi also said that he has no doubt that others in the constituency who are against the dictatorial tendencies in Domi will soon leave as well.

“Come November, the ruling party will not have a single councilor in the constituency and all are leaving for similar reasons as mine, that is lack of tolerance and dictatorship in the party,” he said.

On what he thinks is the future of the party he is leaving he said.”Domi of today does not have a future because it has developed into dictatorship that we have not known before in this country. It will die as a result of its dictatorial tendencies,” he predicted.

On which party he plans to join after leaving the ruling party he said, ”I am still going to think about that first before I make a move.”

He declined to comment on speculation that he will join the Botswana National Front whose Phillip Khwae is Member of Parliament for the area or the newly-formed Botswana Movement for Democracy, which has benefitted more than other opposition parties from the defections of BDP councilors.
Asked to comment on this, the Secretary General of the BDP, Mpho Balopi, said that he did not know about the resignation but added that he did not see anything wrong with the councillor’s move as he “was practicing his democratic right”.


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