Friday, July 30, 2021

Another showdown expected at Mochudi on Thursday

Yet another showdown is expected this week when the two ministers, Peter Siele and Lebonaamang Mokalake, return to Mochudi main Kgotla tomorrow (Thursday).

The two ministers were forced to unceremoniously abandon a meeting at the same place last week after Bakgatla elder tribesmen told them that they could not go ahead with a meeting because it had not been sanctioned by Kgosi Kgafela II, who at the time was said to be in Ngamiland.

Embarrassed, the two ministers left, literally being chased out of the kgotla by a rowdy crowd that shouted them out.

Upon arrival, the irate Kgosi Kgafela II hit at the two ministers accusing them of cowardice.
He said they should not have come into his Kgotla, especially during his absence as they knew very well that they were not welcome.

Kgosi Kgafela accused the two ministers of inciting violence as they knew their presence at the Kgotla where they were not welcome was bound to stoke tempers.

But this week the District Commissioner for Kgatleng, Ms Wame Samapipi, dispatched a letter to Kgatleng authorities telling them that she has been instructed to make preparations for the two ministers who are set to visit on Thursday.

Among other things, the two ministers are expected to explain to Bakgatla why Government has derecognised Kgosi Kgafela.

Last week, minister Mokalake, then of Local Government, derecognised Kgosi Kgafela II saying the Kgosi was making it difficult for government to consult with the people of Kgatleng.

An instruction by Mokalake for the royal uncles to come to his office has been rejected twice.
In a letter, Kgosi Kgafela said Mokalake had been disrespectful to ask royal uncles to his office at short notice.

The Kgosi did not take kindly to the fact that the minister’s letter also spelt out how many royals could come to his office in Gaborone.

Responding to the District Commissioner’s latest letter about a meeting scheduled for Thursday, Kgafela reiterated the fact that Bakgatla rejected the ministers.

“We do not understand exactly how your government wants us to communicate our rejection of its disrespectful ministers. What I fail to understand worse is why your Government cannot talk decently as humans should do.”

The Kgosi ended his correspondence by repeating an earlier demand by Dikgosana and royal uncles that only President Khama can come to the main Kgotla to address them.
“We await to speak to the President. The matter is beyond his cabinet ministers. We make it clear once again. Your ministers Mokalake and Siele are not welcome at OUR KGOTLA. May they please respect this.”

It remains to be seen if the meeting will be cancelled on account of Kgosi’s thinly veiled warning, or if the ministers will go ahead.


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