Friday, May 24, 2024

Aon Botswana continues to give generously

Aon Botswana employees, jointly with Lebososhale Orphan Day Care Centre in Sojwe, performed facility improvement activities on the Centre on Thursday.

As a leading 21st century business operating in Botswana, Aon has renewed its effort to stay abreast of community involvement issues in order to fulfill Aon’s global promise of corporate philanthropy.

The company, led by Managing Director, Dr. Thapelo Matsheka, and its employees as well as other Aon across the globe took part in a day of volunteer service and charitable events as a way of giving back to their community.

Matsheka said that they are pursuing solid charitable partnerships and company-wide community involvement efforts focusing on empowering people and working with communities at risk.  He added that Aon will create the right image and reputation to solidify its corporate citizenship position.

He pointed out that they identified the needy as their part of social responsibility.

“I have been blessed to work with a passionate team and it is an exciting day for all of us. The gesture, which has now become a common feature of Aon regular corporate social responsibility practice among underprivileged communities, was borne of compassion and the desire for a just and caring nation worth the ideals espoused by the country’s Vision 2016,” said Matsheka.

Activities that were carried out include painting the interior and exterior of the Orphan Day Care Centre, putting up shelving, setting up an outdoor eating area for the children, supplying educational material, supplying food and cooking utensils and also supplying blankets and carpets
Speaking at the centre, Lebososhale Caretaker, Daisy Botsoba, said, “Our desire is to have a recreational centre for the children and we are sincerely looking for assistance as well as support for the children who are like a forgotten species in our society. We are really concerned about their plight and their loneliness. We would appreciate to get support of any kind to continue our services to the children of the society who are largely uncared for”.

Botsoba pointed out that Lebososhale Orphan Day Care Centre is a non-profit making organization involved in the education and welfare of vulnerable children (mostly HIV/AIDS affected) through the provision of child care services and runs a feeding program.

┬á“We depend on donations for survival and we still lack resources and funds. They are not consistent hence we have a problem of voluntary employees,” said Botsoba.


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