Monday, July 15, 2024

Apeksha holds art ÔÇô exhibition

Wheel-chair bound Apeksha Bijooris’s dream of putting up an exhibition recently came true with support from BancABC.

Apeksha has clearly shown that disability is not inability and defied the odds. The young lady, who had to give up her schooling because of her disability, has managed to build a career as an artist.

Apeksha’s artworks range from paintings, pottery, paper quilling, mosaic and other art forms.

Apeksha’s mother, Smeetha Bijooris, said that the exhibition, which was held last week at Maharaj, has been a work in progress. She says that although she long had the idea to do the exhibition, she did not know how to go about it because putting up an exhibition requires skill, time and finances.

Bijooris said that she is grateful that Banc ABC managed to assist her in showcasing her daughter’s works.

The supportive mother asserted that next May will see another exhibition showing her daughter’s artworks.

She says now that she has seen what people want, she will be able to know how to go about organising the exhibition so that it does not disappoint.

The most expensive piece of artwork at the exhibition went for P2 800 and was bought by BancABC’s managing director, Jitto Kurian.

Kurian said that it was through looking at Apeksha’s brilliant collections that the bank saw it fit to support the budding artist. He said that Apeksha’s courage and determination to overcome all obstacles in order to purse her passion is truly inspirational.
“Apeksha has just proven that there is no dream that is too big to achieve, provided you have the self belief, the determination and passion,” she said.

Commenting on the exhibition, Apeksha said that she was humbled by the support and appreciation shown towards her artworks that she has been putting together for quite a long time.

“I had a dream that one day people from all walks of life would come for my art exhibition and appreciate the work that I have put together for close to a decade,” she said, thanking her mother for being her pillar of strength throughout the good and bad times.


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