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Arafat Khan ÔÇô the traitors’ ventriloquist

Towards the end of 2010 Olebile Gaborone decides to decamp from the BNF and rejoin the BDP.
I had no problem with that as he was exercising his constitutional right.

What I found unacceptable is that he held a press conference and launched an unprovoked attack on the BNF. Concerned that the BNF was unnecessarily being subjected to another slew of negative publicity, I engaged him in some kind of a debate, as I have done before and will always do.

BNF members were delighted about this brief and fairly routine public spat. What was intriguing was that some chap who indulges in a dastardly act of taking refuge in a cheap form of ventriloquism with Arafat Khan playing his master voice, was so upset that he launched an attack on me ÔÇô objectively defending Gaborone who has since defected to the BDP.

In simple terms, what this means is that Gaborone was not alone in selling out the BNF. His collaborators and fellow traitors remain in the BNF. And as we all know, the enemy within constitutes a greater threat to the progress and stability of the movement than the BDP itself. In a letter curiously titled ‘Comrade Moore is not a BNF member’ this traitor claims that in my exchange with Gaborone ‘the previous leadership has been subjected to a barrage of unfounded, baseless criticism and malicious diatribe’, as if the previous leadership had any achievement to write home about! (see Sunday Standard, December 19 ÔÇô 25, 2010). What a load of cobblers!
While the previous leadership was not the subject of my exchanges with Gaborone, I am prepared to reiterate my well-considered position on the previous leadership. It can easily be summed up in two or three words ÔÇô an unmitigated disaster.

The BNF has never had such a treacherous leadership before. It was during their term in office that many comrades started thinking that the BNF was cursed and haunted by the murky hand of Lucifer, always at work in the movement and that consequently their party was always lurching from one crisis to another, when the truth is that the leadership betrayed the movement.

How on earth can legitimate and indeed mild criticism of a leadership, which committed treasonable crimes against the people’s movement by openly colluding with the enemy, causing complete mayhem, chaos and confusion in our ranks, be regarded as ‘unfounded, baseless and malicious’? This demented traitor claims that ‘even during the era of reconciliation and rebuilding process Comrade Moore is still itching for a fight’. If the previous leadership was whiter than white why is there need for ‘reconciliation and rebuilding’?

No amount of sophistry will ever change the fact that the previous leadership wears a badge of shame for treacherously selling out the movement to the ruling BDP. This mutter’s tunnel view of unprincipled reconciliation is that comrades and known traitors must kiss and make up so that the enemy within can continue to wreak havoc in the movement. I, for one, do not buy into that purblind of endorsement of a dangerously flawed view of reconciliation. I doubt if that is the spirit of the Mochudi congress. This Arafat Khan ventriloquist indulges in a very crude and shameless falsification and utter misrepresentation of the facts. I suppose those who are not ashamed of mutilating the people’s movement in open collaboration with the enemy would stop at nothing in equally mutilating the facts in a vain attempt to defend themselves. It suffices to give only a few examples.

ÔÇó About 6 months after I was happily and unconditionally reinstated in the BNF, this lout says ‘Comrade Moore is not a BNF member’ and even chooses to make this the title of his letter. Goodness knows how this traitor reconciles this barefaced lie with his reconciliation rhetoric. He then quotes at length from the BNF constitution to try and buttress his argument. If both the traitor and Arafat, his ventriloquist, have a problem with my reinstatement in the BNF they must direct their concerns where they belong ÔÇô to the current BNF leadership which reinstated me, and not me because I did not reinstate myself. While Arafat Khan is so wet behind the ears that he labours under the illusion that he will derive some vicarious reinforcement from this cheap form of ventriloquism he must be warned that he may land himself in hot soup, for as they say, he that sups with the devil must have a longer spoon. Quite frankly this new form of child abuse sucks. If my memory serves me well, Arafat has already been warned by the BNF leadership to desist from misleading the public on the readmission of expelled BNF members.

ÔÇó The traitor writes; ‘Comrade Moore did not defeat anyone at the primary election. Cde Joseph Mumba, the BNF candidate for Francistown South in the last election was unopposed’. Goodness gracious! How can someone lie through his teeth without the slightest remorse or compunction! Does he think BNF members and the general public are so daft that they will believe such a blue lie? If he cared to solicit for the views of Comrade Mumba on this saga he would be ashamed of what he wrote about him. And if indeed ‘Comrade Moore did not defeat anyone in the Francistown South primary elections’, instead it was ‘Joseph Mumba’ who ‘was unopposed’ why didn’t they return my P2000 deposit?

After squandering my deposit on corrupt practices they now peddle this nonsense about me not having ‘defeated anyone in the primary elections’! Everybody knows that candidates associated with the traitors were routed in the primary elections in 2007.

I am the one who was unopposed until these cheats held a secret meeting at Cde Ramaotwana’s house where they resolved to ‘reverse the outcome’ of the primary elections in a vain attempt to position themselves ahead of the 2010 congress elections which they went on to lose.

It was after that secret meeting that I, along with other comrades, was expelled from the BNF to pave the way for Joseph Mumba whom the traitors finally wheeled out of nowhere to challenge me, not the BDP, after approaching a total of 8 different individuals, including known BDP activists to challenge me. If this traitor still relishes this debate I will name names.

Meanwhile the fact that Francistown East was without a BNF candidate did not bother the traitors one little bit, they were preoccupied with fielding a candidate to challenge me in line with the dictates of their BDP sponsors and master. That is why they are so cock-a-hoop about what they regard as my poor showing in the general elections. It was one of the major achievements.
ÔÇó By the way, we know about the traitors’ behind-the-scenes wheeling and dealing with their BDP sponsors in the last general elections. We give only a few examples.

The BNF traitors were reprimanded by Ian Khama for expelling Robert Molefhabangwe because, in Khama’s own assault on inner party democracy in the BDP, he wanted to use Molefhabangwe of the BNF to defeat Botsalo Ntuane of the BDP.

In response BNF traitors told him that they too were disappointed that Khama had suspended Gomolemo Motswaledi of the BDP, not Comrade Thutlwe, of the BNF, whom they wanted to defeat Dumelang Saleshando of the BCP. And these are people who accuse me of ‘baseless and malicious’ criticism!

We know how they colluded with the BDP to ensure that Gaborone South was delivered to the enemy. As a result of the treacherous deals they cut with the enemy the BNF lost its traditional strongholds in Gaborone and even Kanye to the BDP at a time when workers were hit by the worst economic downturn since 1929 and the BDP itself was in the grip of the worst internal split in its 48 year old history. How could workers vote for the BNF when on several occasions their unions met and briefed one BNF traitor MP on serious workers issues they wanted raised in the National Assembly and he tragically remained mum in order not to upset his BDP sponsors. That was by far the worst betrayal of the BNF we have ever witnessed in our history.

ÔÇó The traitor claims that ‘The 2005 Central Committee which he (myself) was part of prepared and participated in the 2007 Special Congress’. This is another of those egregious lies found in this letter. The infamous and ill-fated 2007 Special Congress was not ‘prepared’ by the 2005 Central Committee. It was called and ‘prepared’ by Otsweletse Moupo and his faction in complete violation of the BNF constitution. At a Central Committee meeting held in Mogoditshane we made our position abundantly clear to Moupo but egged on by his new faction he chose to ignore our advice.

What I find utterly ludicrous is the cheap preemptive tactics traitors and reactionaries always try to employ. They always try first to accuse me of ‘treacherous activities’, of being ‘insane’ or of being ‘a fool’ and a ‘tribalist’ in the hope that readers will not be able to tell the difference.

As a matter of fact, the kind of lies proffered in this letter can only be told by someone not exactly in control of all their mental faculties.


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