Sunday, April 2, 2023

“Comrade Moore is not a BNF member”

In the last 3 weeks there has been a series of articles flashed in the Sunday Standard by a certain Elmon Tafa using his pen name Comrade Moore. In his latest article in the Sunday Standard news paper, the previous leadership has been subjected to a barrage of unfounded, baseless criticism and malicious diatribe. 

Before I get to the crux of my article, it is imperative to add that unauthorized discussion of internal Party matters in the media is not allowed. It has become an act of indiscipline.

In pursuit of the fundamental principle of freedom of expression which I cherish a lot, I am prompted to respond to Comrade Moore publicly on the basis that he is not a party member as he was expelled from the Party and has not applied for re-admission as per the Mochudi 2010 BNF resolution No. 5 which states that “reconciliation with members expelled from the Party since 2001 should be done with concerned members showing interest in the Party and proper readmission procedure adhered to”.
I am writing to defend a party which I am a member of against someone who I believe does not want to see it going forward peacefully. May be this is influenced by the fact that he is not a member and therefore cares less about it.

The BNF Constitution Section 8.1 stipulates that expelled members may be readmitted to the BNF with the approval of the Central Committee in consultation with the ward.  Since he has not complied with this provision, he is not a BNF member.

 Comrade Moore alleges that the then Party leadership attempted to impose their puppets and bootlickers on the electorate; even though they had beaten those bootlickers in primary elections. 

He further alleges that the past leadership was infiltrated and hijacked by BDP agents, spies and traitors. A brief point by point rebuttal of Moore’s fertile imagination, distorted analysis, scandalous falsification of facts, outright lies is very important and cannot be let to go unchallenged as they have the potential to create confusion among the BNF members and mislead the public.

 It is so unfortunate and very nostalgic that even during the era of reconciliation in the BNF and rebuilding process, Comrade Moore is still itching for a fight.
For God’s sake when is he going to bury the hatchet?┬á

How could a former Political Education Secretary call other comrades, without any basis, bootlickers and puppets? 

It is very important to point out that Comrade Moore did not defeat anyone at the primary elections. His assertion that he defeated some is a blatant lie of someone running away from the truth. 

He overestimates his worth. Having the energy to write long and maligning articles to the press does not mean that one is a political heavyweight. Cde Joseph Mumba, the BNF candidate for Francistown South in the last elections was unopposed; Comrade Moore has failed to explain why Joseph Mumba could not have been fielded.  If at all his frivolous contention that Cde Mumba was imposed on the electorates could be entertained, would not Tafa have performed better rather than being humiliated and embarrassed by obtaining less than 100 votes. Someone whispers in my ear and says he got 56 votes.

┬áMoore’s articles which he normally flashes on The Sunday Standard are a clear sign that he has a complete disrespect and wanton disregard to the Party internal processes to the extent that he still talks about a congress held 3 years ago. ┬áThe 2007 Special Congress in Molepolole had the most number of delegates in BNF history which according to his own perception┬ácalls it the “infamous” congress.┬á Is the congress infamous just because he failed to convince and influence BNF members to vote for him to the position of Party Vice President?┬á I am certain if he had won he could have ascended to the Vice Presidency without any qualms. Moore is indeed displaying a high degree of hypocrisy. The 2005 Central Committee which he was part of prepared and participated in the 2007 Special Congress. Moore even issued a statement in June 2007 accepting the results of the congress which he now calls infamous.┬á Moore is bitter because his over ambitious dream of leading the BNF has now faded.

He has failed to advance not a scintilla of evidence to substantiate his serious blood curdling allegations against the then leadership who he accuses of being infiltrated and hijacked by the BDP agents, spies and traitors. This is just Moore’s unsophisticated attempts to divert BNF members’ attention from his own treacherous activities.┬á His moral standing and political aptitude does not permit him to claim that he is some kind of an angel. He should show a sign of maturity. Ridiculous statements which cannot be substantiated only make one look like a fool after they are proven to be untrue and unfounded. Some may even think one is insane.
*Khan is BNF Youth League Secretary General. He writes in his personal capacity


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