Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Are the Americans doing a ‘George Bush’ on us?

Ask any of his detractors why they loathe him and they will quickly tell you he is a liar. Former American President George Walker Bush has been accused of lying to the world that he invaded Iraq because Saddam Hussein harbored weapons of mass destruction. They say he is liar and some foolishly brave journalist even threw a shoe at him during a press conference because he couldn’t stand Bush’s blue lies. Ever since, everything that comes out of the mouths of Americans is taken with a pinch of salt. George Bush was my main man though, despite how the world viewed him. I so love the man and he is the reason I wish I was American. Were I American, I would have ensured I become to him what Olopeng has become to Khama ÔÇô a soul mate. You see, I always argue with my partner because while she is crazy about this Barack Obama dude, I, on the other hand, am a sucker for Bush. He is my all-time favourite in the American presidency. And I mean it. Given a choice between Bush and Obama I would gladly go for Bush. There was just something out of this world about Bush and his presidency, apart from his love for Africa. Bush oozed a lot confidence in everything he did, including blunders. He looked more confident and sure about his story as opposed to Obama who seems to take orders from some people behind the scenes. Yes, Bush may have lied about weapons of mass destruction but his war on Saddam was justifiable. I still don’t understand why he had to lie about the attack on Iraq. As far as I’m concerned, Bush should have just came out boldly and told the world that he is only trying to save the people of Iraq from the barbaric dictatorship of Saddam.

It was in the best interests of the Iraqis that Bush killed Saddam. Yes, the truth is, the war was personal. Bush had to finish off Saddam after Bush Snr failed to do so. I liked him. He fought for his father and won, just as Garvas Nchindo fought for his father and won. Bush searched for Saddam and made sure his capture and ultimate execution was displayed for everyone, including Robert Mugabe, to see. He wanted all dictators to see how they would eventually die. Gaddafi would have been a fool if at all he was shocked at how he died because Bush showed him, through Saddam, how dictators die. Osama bin Laden terrorized the Americans and what did Obama do when he captured him? He refused to show the world how they killed and disposed of his body. That is exactly why Al Qaeda still exists even after Osama’s demise.

Enough with Bush. Let’s get to water. The American Embassy recently alerted its employees of the unsuitability of the water served by Water Utilities Corporation (WUC). WUC came out frothing from the mouth, running short of labeling the Americans liars. In fact they did. By dismissing the Americans’ findings, WUC was implying that the Americans are liars. But really, why would the Americans lie about our water and cause so much panic to the nation. Well, luckily Batswana never panic over anything, even if you tell them they are eating rotten food. You can tell them there is a bomb at Riverwalk and they will all rush there to witness how a bomb explodes. You can tell them that government funds are being misused and they will tell you how jealous you are of those people who misuse government resources. Batswana are something else. Instead of interrogating the Americans on their water findings, they have decided to stand by WUC because according to them, there is no cholera breakout to suggest the water is not suitable for human consumption.

Look, the Americans may be lying but WUC has failed to prove that lie. The statements made by WUC officials, including their minister Mokaila, have not convinced me that the American Embassy is only emulating their former President. Surely the Americans have reason to issue such a statement. In between the American Embassy and WUC lies the truth. It is this truth that we need to seek as consumers. Media reports indicate that the Minister responsible for the water authority, Kitso Mokaila, has assured the nation that the water is suitable for consumption because he was present when WUC carried out the tests. Mokaila is not a scientist as such he should have engaged an independent scientist to be present during the test. I bet Mokaila can’t repeat the jargon used by those scientists who probably fooled him to believe the water was perfect. What worries me is, WUC has divulged that certain areas do at times get unsuitable water but they have never ever put a public warning to warn us on which side of Gaborone we should avoid drinking water. WUC says it carries out regular tests on its water. Regular and everyday are as opposite as black and white or day and night. Regular is a subjective term. ‘Once a week’ can qualify as regular just as can ‘once every day’.

The fact that WUC has admitted that it doesn’t carry out these tests on a daily basis doesn’t give them any basis to dismiss the Americans’ findings. Who knows, maybe during the intervals of WUC’s ‘regular’ tests, something happened to the water and this could have been at the time when the Americans tested the water. Besides, it is very difficult to believe WUC because it’s not like they are known to be honest and truthful all the time. Last year they lost employees in Gaborone Dam and even as the whole nation stood by them during that trying time, WUC has never come back to appraise the nation on what transpired at the dam. The reason is simple. WUC can’t stand the truth. They can’t come out and tell us they blundered and cost three employees their lives. So how really can we expect them to come out in the open now, and agree with the Americans that we are being fed shitty water?


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