Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Artist condemns parents for ignoring their children’s potential

One of the famous local artists and sculptor, 36-year-old Chungu Nick, who is based in Francistown, has condemned parents for ignoring their children’s talents and potential, saying that it leads to these children losing their dreams.

In an interview on Monday, Nick told the Telegraph that he once fell into the same trap during his childhood years as a student. He said that his parents could not realize his potential as an aspiring artist and did not give him much support, which almost shattered his dreams.

“When I started my studies at Bontleng Primary School in Gaborone in 1985, my only interest in life was to be an artist but my parents did not realize my potential and they cared less about me pursuing art as a profession,” said Nick. “It is high time that parents recognise and accept the fact that if a child pursues something that he or she loves, it often leads to success because he does it with enthusiasm,” he said.

He said that if parents could afford their children the opportunity to pursue their talents at a younger age without any restrictions or negative attitude, it would help them nurture their skills and make them conquer the world.

Nick, who currently makes a living out of selling his art works and sculptures, said that there is nothing more pleasant than pursuing a career that one loves as the individual will always be motivated.

┬á“I know that school is very important, but there is a high need for parents to try and talk to their children and realize their gifts or talents and encourage them at a younger age,” he said.

 Nick said that after failing his studies, his passion for art blossomed and he started to work hard to make his mark in art. He added that his passion for art is beginning to bring him more fortunes as he has now established a name in different countries in the Southern African region and even beyond.

“You can find some of my work in places like Zimbabwe, Namibia and South Africa. I am also beginning to get some attention from abroad,” he said.

Nick added that for an artist to be recognized, he or she needs to embark on quality rather than volume. Nick went on to say that his major inspiration in art is God as He is the master of all creation.

He expressed gratitude to his family, saying that they had ultimately realized his talents.

Touching on the challenges he encounters, Nick said that Africans in general are not very supportive of indigenous artists and said that such an attitude demoralizes aspiring artists.

“Most people in Africa prefer to import a piece of art work from abroad than support locals and that demoralizes a lot of artists,” he said.


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