Saturday, July 13, 2024

Asian restaurant with a difference comes to Gaborone

Five-star Casino and Resort, The Grand Palm Hotel (TGPH) Sales and Marketing Manager, Jill Blackbeard, has said the Hotel recently became home to Bai Sheng Asian Cuisine Restaurant (BSACR) one of Botswana’s few Chinese restaurants offering authentic, fine dining Chinese cuisine.

Blackbeard said that the just commissioned BSACR offers high-end food and beverages renowned for excellent quality, uniqueness, long history, tradition and legendary brand evolution.

“Bai Sheng provides upmarket style to the Chinese market in Gaborone and at the same time offers Asian fare to the western traveller and city resident familiar with Chinese cuisine,” she said as she led the local media during a facilitated tour of the oriental cuisine blueprint. “The Restaurant offers special time for revellers to enjoy each other’s company over excellent food and beverages at the most competitive market rates, more than equating ‘value-for-money’.”

In keeping with TGPH’s luxurious, five star reputation, Bai Sheng is all at once lavish but with an air of tranquillity, a respite from Gaborone’s hot climate. The restaurant is stylishly eclectic offering exquisite traditional Chinese artworks and artefacts set against chic, contemporary lines.

The overall effect is stunning, combining the Chinese lucky colour red on the walls and ceilings with sophisticated wooden style tiling and furnishings finished in touches of textured gold. Adding to this are the ornate decorative accents of screens, urns and scrolls with fortune attracting sculptures from ancient Chinese culture, making Bai Sheng is a veritable study in Asian sophistication.

As one of Botswana’s most popular hotels, The Grand Palm Resort caters for a large and diverse market, from local visitors to the international business and leisure trade. To accommodate the many varied guests, the Bai Sheng offers seating for up to 176 diners. With the main restaurant area, three luxury private dining rooms and covered exterior, which is enclosed with bamboo fencing and overlooks the hotel’s beautifully landscaped gardens, the Bai Sheng is spacious and comfortable.

While the main restaurant has an open contemporary feel to it, the three private dining rooms, which have their own entrances and small lobby, are more intimate and include traditional round “Lazy Susan” table configurations allowing guests to enjoy this extremely popular method of Chinese dining.

The exterior eating area offers both the “Lazy Susan” concept as well as conventional dining and is set against a sculptural Chinese landscape of bamboo, fig trees and water feature. An interesting exterior highlight is the large window where guests are able to view the open-show kitchen from the garden dining area.

The Bai Sheng kitchen has been designed specifically for the production of authentic Chinese food – a lot of care and research has gone into creating a menu which offers guests fine dining Chinese cuisine. Executive Chef Wang, who hails from North China, has worked at The Grand Palm for some time managing the Chinese specials on the buffet at the renowned Mokolwane Bistro and was recently promoted to manage the kitchen at Bai Sheng. He heads up a contingent of excellent five-star service staff, who have all been trained to handle the 78-dish menu.

The restaurant also offers a fully serviced bar with a diverse range of fine wines and other alcoholic beverage. It also caters for the Halaal market so there is no pork on the menu.

Bai Sheng aptly means “you always win” which can not only be said for the upmarket Chinese restaurant but also for the luxuriously charming Grand Palm Hotel Casino and Convention Resort, where guests leave with unforgettable memories and fine dining experiences.


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