Sunday, September 25, 2022

New restaurant comes to Gaborone

Last Monday, Linga Longa, which is located at Riverwalk Mall in Gaborone, opened its doors to customers, just in time for the festive season. Diners now have the option of going to a different place to spend their free time and money. There’s a new restaurant in town, ladies and gentlemen, and it’s sure to be enjoyed by many. We hope that this time around, the place does not close down.

Linga Longa has a fresh approach to how it is going to tackle the seemingly wavering, challenging and unpredictable restaurant business in Botswana. It will be interesting if this name will attract our local cafÈ revelers. Anyhow, according to the manager, Ian Flanagan, Linga Longa is a play on words.
├¼It’s spelt wrong deliberately; it’s supposed to be ‘linger longer’ and by that we mean relax, chill out- ‘linga’ and stay longer-‘longa’.├«

The owners of Linga Longa aim to incorporate an approach to managing the restaurant that will ensure its longevity. As with most successful businesses, it is a dissimilarity to others that is key in ensuring customer’s continued interest in a particular establishment. Linga Longa aims to offer just that. The theme that the owner of Linga Longa is trying to capture is that of a street caf├ê. It is a relaxed coffee environment, but also a place where one can enjoy a cocktail or two. The food on the menu at Linga Longa, however, is broadened beyond just the typical caf├ê-style food. For example, in an effort to break away from tradition, breakfast customers can opt for a normal menu breakfast or they can design a masterpiece of their own. All the food at Linga Longa is freshly prepared in-house; this includes freshly baked cakes and muffins. For those interested in the beverage menu, there is something to please every palate. The drink menu includes Screwdrivers, Coffee Liqueur’s, Sex on the Beach, Spirits and a variety of international beers.

In an effort to get people into the Linga Longa hype, the restaurant will be offering some specials that are sure to get you over there. Every Monday night is ├¼Ribs Night├« and ribs will be served at a discount price. Watch out for Bull ‘n Bush; there is alternative competition in the midst. Wednesday night is ‘Ladies Night’, as ladies will get 50 percent off their main meal. Thursday night is ‘Pizza Night’; you can get a large pizza for the price of a regular pizza. Throughout the festive season, there will be various specials held on Friday nights.

Aside from the weekly special offers that will give diners’ wallets a rest, Linga Longa prices are very reasonable, and this is not at the expense of serving quality food and good service. According to Flanagan, Linga Longa’s biggest asset is its staff members. The owners are aware that, today, Motswana consumers’ levels and expectation of service have increased. ├¼Now you’re getting a lot of young, affluent Batswana who have traveled the world and they know exactly what they want,├« says Flanagan.

In light of that, the Linga Longa customers can expect quality, world class service from the staff who Flanagan refers to as the ìKings and Queens of the establishment, and because they are kings and queens, the customers are going to be treated even better.î

Linga Longa is open 7 days a week, 8am thru 12pm.


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