Sunday, May 26, 2024

Assaulted for refusing to offer sex

A 27 year old man was this week arraigned before the Urban Customary Court and found guilty of assaulting his girlfriend.

Samuel Maphosa Malangane pleaded guilty to the charges of assaulting his girlfriend after she refused to go to sleep at his house.

According to the evidence given to the court by Lizzy Kobe [30] who works as a labourer at Tuwana Construction Company, her boyfriend assaulted her because she refused to go home with him and said he lost his temper and assaulted her leaving her with a black eye.

In his defence, Samuel told the court that he was suspicious that his girlfriend was cheating on him.

It had become frequent that she refused to sleep with him, he told the court.
He, however, said despite having to beat the girlfriend he still loved her very much.

When asked by Kgosi Monametsi what must be done with her boyfriend because they even have two kids together, Lizzy asked the court not to lock her boyfriend up and told the court to flog him so that he can also feel the pain.

Monametsi told the court that the two must stay in peace together and advised them to stop fighting.

He told them that fighting does not solve anything.
Samuel got three strokes


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