Saturday, June 15, 2024

Ba Hana Farm Market calls to you

Everyday Batswana continue to explore new opportunities to be a part of the economic diversification drive by finding new ways to generate income contrary to the normal means. 

Loungo Tebogo of Ba Hana Farmer’s Market tapped into the agricultural sector by providing a platform for local producers, farmers and consumers to meet under one roof for vigorous trade. 

Tebogo’s dream partially came true when they won the Gabz Fm Made BW top prize last year of P100 000 based on a business idea to have a Farmers Market. 

Tebogo explained that on the last Sunday of every month, on a farm in the outskirts of Tlokweng, producers of local arts and crafts, home-made edible products, and those selling fresh produce have the opportunity to buy a stall and showcase their products to the general public. 

Prior to Sunday meetings a campaign is rolled up to mobilise people to buy tickets and attend the open market to purchase products on display. 

The farmers’ market is an international concept involving a physical retail featuring foods sold directly by farmers to consumers. They consist of outdoor in indoor stalls where fruits, vegetables, meats and beverages are sold are sold.

As an incentive, Ba Hana Farmer’s Market provides a service they call ‘Farm Fresh Friday’ an opportunity for producers to advertise on their various social media platforms at no cost all. 

At market the producers also get a chance to physically interact with consumers who can provide feedback regarding their products giving credit and criticism as and when it is necessary.

In the near future the Farmer’s Market will also host other major stakeholders to their event as they continue to grow. This growth according to Tebogo will also increase the products available at the market to include items like livestock and other domestic animals.

For a relaxed Sunday afternoon swing by the Farmer’s Market and indulge in pure organic goodness of homegrown products free from the poisonous synthetic additives that we find in every food item available in stores nowadays.


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