Thursday, July 18, 2024

You sure you want to wear stilettos to cocktail party?

The human race is quite complex to understand, more especially the woman kind.

That’s why being a woman comes with keeping up appearances hence the need to always be on point. The two major reasons being to attract members of the opposite sex and to ward off competition from the other female species who might want to try to look better than you. Those are just the unwritten rules.

That’s why there is the constant development of products that are more likely to attract and grab women’s attention. Women love to look good and for that they would even go through compromising measures to attain that look. Comfort will come later, the looks first.

A cocktail party is one of those comfort compromising moments. At some point in time in your career as a woman, you will get an invite to a cocktail party and your outfit matters when attending a cocktail party. However, the stilettos matter more because they can either make your night smooth or break the deal for you.

They determine how comfortable you are going to be walking around the room while mingling with other party guests. If the level of comfort is compromised, then your stilettos will hold you at ransom and you won’t be able to move through the night.

The worst part is if you can move you will be a prisoner to your stilettos. The discomfort will make you smile through your teeth and clutch to that wine glass hoping to find some comfort in it but to no avail.

Not only that but imagine a scenario where all the chairs are full and those sitting down are men who have put on the most comfortable flat shoes.

While sitting down, these men will be busy sipping on their drinks and chatting the night away while you make constant trips to the bathroom to get a breather.

Not only do these men not seem to get the concept behind wearing stilettos as they would always comment on how you should have worn flats to be comfortable. But the truth of the matter is that the same man who says that will always show attraction signs to the woman rocking stilettos. Quite cheeky, if I may say.

But at least on those constant bathroom trips you will manage a smile on your way there knowing that you will meet up with fellow women going through your nightmare. The interesting thing is that when you get back, you stride with a bit of confidence and no one will notice the agony from the shoes.

The major disadvantage from these constant trips is that while you are at it, someone is busy socializing and making contacts that might in turn advance their career.

So you better think twice before rocking those killer stilettos because, though they might attract members of the opposite sex, they are totally not good for your career advancement.

Besides, they are not called killer stilettos for nothing; that pain when wearing them sums it all up.


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