Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Bank defrauded of P5 million

Three suspects on Wednesday appeared before the Magistrate Court for defrauding the First National Bank of Botswana of close to P5 million.

This follows after extensive investigations that took about five years to complete.

The Directorate on Corruption and Economic Crime (DCEC) investigators, who handled the case, did not recover any property bought with the money or even a single thebe from either local or South African commercial banks, where part of the money was said to have been deposited.

Three suspects are charged with seven counts that range from obtaining by false pretences to possession of unexplained property.

The accused persons, Rapelang Raisor Tsatsilebe,39, Abram Marumo and David Tumagole, both 38, allegedly defrauded Wesbank of P 444 444. 44 and some of the money was allegedly used to buy motor vehicles in South Africa.

In March 2005, Marumo was found in possession of a motor vehicle, a white Volvo S80 2000 model, “which he failed to give an appropriate account of acquirement means of the said motor vehicle”.

Priscilla Israel, of the Directorate of Public Prosecutions, said the case took too long to complete because the investigations were very complex with some South African commercial banks being used.

Israel added that about 30 witnesses are expected to testify against the suspects before court.
Lentswe Motshoganetsi, the Public Relations Officer of the Directorate on Corruption and Economic Crime, said “some suspects are still at large and the DCEC has mounted a manhunt”.

He was unable to suggest the names and nationalities of the wanted suspects.
Two of the suspects, Marumo and Tumagole, are also accused of defrauding the Central Medical Store of about P 21 million and the case is still before the Magistrate court.

Bomolemo Selaledi, the head of Marketing & Communications at FNBB, was unable to respond to Sunday Standard questions.


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