Thursday, April 25, 2024

Bank tellers allegedly rob bank of P1 million

Two First National Bank tellers are expected to appear before the magistrate court after they allegedly stole cash close to P1 million recently.

The tellers are reported to have connived to steal huge amounts of money from the Shoprite Supermarket’s account.

It is understood that the ring leader, a ‘bulk’ teller who normally deals mainly with cooperate companies, stole the cash and deposited it into another teller’s account, who then later withdrew the money.

It is alleged that when Shoprite checked its balance sheet, it found out that the money that they had deposited did not appear and went to lodge a complaint with the bank, which instituted an internal investigation that led to the arrest of the two suspects.

Speaking to Sunday Standard on Friday, Richard Baraedi, of the Serious Crime Squad, said they were questioning two male FNB employees suspected to have stolen over P800 000 that belonged to Shoprite Supermarket in Gaborone.

He said it was too early to confirm or deny whether they had recovered any of the money as yet because investigations were still in progress.

Baaredi conceded that it was still not clear to them how the two managed to steal the money.
He said commercial crime is worrisome and appealed to banks to tighten their security to insure that no single “thebe” is stolen.

Bomolemo Selaledi, Head of Marketing and Communications at FNB Botswana, said in a press statement, “FNB Botswana has a zero tolerance policy that obliges us to report to the Botswana police for investigation all incidents of criminality, be they internal or external.”

FNB has experienced a good number of theft cases that involve its employees and the cases are still pending before the Directorate of Public Prosecution.

Some of these pending cases include a case in which a teller allegedly stole about P3 million in the Kanye branch, while another teller in the Main Branch in Gaborone allegedly stole about P1,1 million, which was transferred to South Africa.


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