Sunday, June 16, 2024

Barclays Bank launches internet banking

Barclays Bank Botswana Limited Managing Director Wilfred Mpai says the bank’s ambition is to turn dreams into reality, provide lasting solutions to its customers and craft a shared goal across its network.

Speaking at the launch of internet banking on Wednesday, Mpai said previously, the absence of internet banking at Barclays had put the bank behind its competitors in its offering.

He stated that to further enhance Barclays’ leadership capability; the bank will take full advantage of its global reach. He added that with the Barclays cluster of business, there is a solution to every customer problem imaginable.

He also revealed that through collaboration with Absa, the revolutionary ‘cash-send’ will soon be availed to customers.

“We understand our challenge, the size of our responsibilities but we derive a fair measure of comfort from them,” said Mpai.

Mpai stated that the bank stands on the threshold of renewal, a process informed by the great fortunes of years gone by. He said Barclays will continue to have a place in the hearts and minds of the customers and will strive to keep alive the promise to the community of customers. He said the launch presents an inflection point, a position from where they can launch themselves to greatness.

“We are armed with the goodwill that you have often shown and the lessons learnt from what may not have gone so well,” said Mpai.

“The ambition is to return handsome dividends to the owners of the business and it calls for a significant amount of renewal.”

Mpai stated that the confluence of market, societal and technological possibilities make the present times markedly different for banks than in the past.

He observed that banking has noticeably changed from a stable market with beginning competition to a market with aggressive competition. According to Mpai, it called for a ‘wall to wall’ change across the business interface points, from the caliber of employees, robustness of their processes, and the simplicity in the technology.

“This is the change we embrace and brace ourselves for, so you have spoken, we have listened and now we act,” said Mpai.

He stated that in recent months, the bank underwent a transformation journey which began with the need to charge customers a fair price and eliminate charges such as ATM fees. He said in the technology space, the bank has introduced the sms alert for bill payments, mobile money and e-statement.


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