Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Barclays Bank honours employees

Barclays Bank recently held an award ceremony in Francistown to honor 19 of its employees as best performers in the North Region.

Addressing the participants at the ceremony, the Barclays Bank Board Member, Ambassador Alfred Dube, said that recognition of employees in any organization plays an integral role as it determines its success. He said that an organization that fails to acknowledge the contribution of its employees is on the fast lane of losing both direction and market share.

“We at Barclays bank believe that our success and position is due to the contribution of our employees. Research by some of the leading human resource institutions in recent years confirms that the number one reason employees leave their jobs is lack of appreciation and 75 percent of employees identify lack of appreciation as a main concern,” said Dube.

He added that, in yet another research, when employees were asked to name their top motivators, recognition came ahead of pay.

Dube said that Barclays Bank has a long standing commitment to a set of pillars of 5C’s, which are Company, Colleague, Customer, Citizenship and Conduct. He said that the fifth “C” (Conduct) is very important as it is more about the behavior of the leadership at the bank and the behavior of every employee.

“Conduct” is all about ethics, responsibility, respect and cooperation. It is our promise to our stakeholders that where you see a Barclays bank employee, you will see a role model at work, at home and within the community,” he said.

He added that Barclays Bank is not just a bank, but an important institution that has played a central role in the development of Botswana for the past 63 years, noting that although the bank is a global brand, it is also a local institution, which is committed to uplifting the lives of Batswana.

“Our position as a market leader, our success as a business and our standing in the community as a symbol of hope rests on the shoulders of every employee at Barclays Bank of Botswana,” Dube said.


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