Monday, December 11, 2023

Barclays Bank Lobatse donates to school after the fire

Barclays Bank of Botswana was once again in the lime light last week, as they distributed stacks of blankets, school uniforms, books and other stationery to Lobatse Secondary School students, at a community initiative organized by the bank’s branch in the area.

The bank was commended for demonstrating commitment to national development through its social responsibility initiative.

This followed an incident in which the Boys hostels were accidentally set ablaze resulting in the loss of one of the students, recently. All students accommodated in the hostel were left without clothes, and everything else they had was reduced to rubble.

In response to the humanitarian needs of the victims arising from the effects of the inferno, the Lobatse Branch of Barclays Bank embarked on a massive campaign that took the local community, which was equally concerned, on board, to raise funds to help them out.

At a community initiative the bank organized for students of the school, the mayor of the town, Legodile Serema, had this to say, “It is encouraging that Barclays Bank continues to run its business cognizant of the social needs of society and subsequently fully participates in turning those challenges into successes.”

The bank had raised funds and purchased items to the tune of P19000, and all the items which included blankets, school uniforms and books were distributed at the ceremony which brought together parents and the broader Lobatse community to support the initiative.

For her part, the Area Manager for the Bank, Ludo Butale, said the bank is doing this in demonstration of its commitment to partnering with local communities to make a sustainable contribution to the development of the people.

In addition Butale expressed her undying gratitude to the community and all customers in particular for their support and loyalty, adding: “It is because of your support that the bank continues to play a positive role on issues of national interest and development.”


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