Saturday, April 1, 2023

Batshu asks churches to pray forpeace in the coming elections

As the country heads for the polls in two weeks the Minister of Labour and Home Affairs who is also Botswana Democratic Party(BDP) member of parliament for Nkange Constituency, Edwin Batshu has pleaded with churches to pray for stability and peace.

Officially opening the Morning Star Apostolic Church of Zion 10th branch in Tutume village last week, Batshu said that elections should always be taken seriously as they determine the stability and future of any country.

“It is another important duty of yours as church members to pray for elections. We need our Lord to superintend over these elections. They are a turning point in the history of any nation as the results of such elections usually determine the moral, social and economic stability of the country. You can bear testimony that some countries have never enjoyed peace after their elections,” he said.

He said that there are currently 1864 registered churches in the country whose membership translate to more than half of the country’s population. He however said that such a number of Christians is impressive as they are known to be custodians of peace.

“You should also appreciate that people need leadership, which should be solid. The nation should in turn be loyal. This applies to the church as well. The conduct of the leadership should be beyond reproach. That is why the word of God as derived from the Holy book, in Deuteronomy 1:15 talks about wise and experienced men, being made heads of tribes and set as leaders to rule over multitudes,” he added.

Among other important issues, Batshu said churches are very important as they contribute immensely towards building healthy individuals, families, communities and the nation at large ultimately building good citizens. He further added that the church plays a very important part in shaping the spiritual being of a person.

“I believe it is for that reason that the church should continue to participate in community and national activities. The less privileged members of our communities cannot be rescued by the state alone or by anyone else but the fellow members of the communities which includes the church,” Batshu said.

He showered accolades on the Morning Star of Apolistic Church of Zion for being a shining example through its humanitarian work. He said that such a spirit will help it grow as it will also attract more members into its fold due to its good work.

“I learn that you are consistently donating to the vulnerable people who include destitute persons, the sick, the prisoners and people with disability in various areas which include Selibe Phikwe, Mbalambi, Tutume, Mosetse and Palapye. By so doing you are touching the lives of Batswana in a compassionate way, in line with the vision Pillar of a “Compassionate, Just and Caring Nation,” he said.

Batshu will battle it out against Dr Never Tshabang of Botswana Congress Party (BCP) and Bigani Shongwe Kgomotso of the Umbrella for Democratic Change(UDC) in the coming elections.


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