Thursday, July 18, 2024

Travelodge adds to the growing accommodation facilities in the city

This week a new hotel announced that it is set to officially open its doors to the market in a matter of weeks with a strong emphasis on its fresh, contemporary and clean outlook.

The 82-room facility is located in Block 3, a stone’s throw away from the New CBD.

“Travelodge Hotel brings to the market a fresh, energetic and vibrant look. From our modern colours (green and grey) to our spacious, clean and contemporary interior, we give a unique ambience that reflects the much-needed comfort away from home. Whether you are leisure or business traveller or a grouping we have the amenities that can make your stay worthwhile without breaking the bank,” says Cecilia Ponde, the Travelodge General Manager.

“We have analysed market trends and identified areas that are a common source of discomfort to travellers. We have tailored the product to suit the different segments in the market. Business travellers will find necessary facilities to carry out their work.”

The new facility is an L shape, two-storey building that stands proudly against the Gaborone skyline. Its outward grandeur is reminiscent of its world-class interior which gives guests a sense of relaxation.

“The design of the hotel ensures that it harnesses natural energy for optimum guest experience. It taps onto the abundant sunlight, which blends well with its clean, sparkling interior whilst its solar shield glass windows reflect the heat to keep the hotel cool,” adds Ponde.

From the doorstep, a unique homely atmosphere akin to African culture engulfs guests, whilst the reception area provides a clean, huge open wide space, and luxury couches to avoid queues during check in. For the best part, rooms are neat. They have standard LCD screens mounted on wall opposite the beds. Ceramic tiles designs and artistic artefacts mounted on walls enhance the room experience.

“Our rooms were deliberately designed to reflect comfort and convenience. We are demonstrating that good, quality accommodation doesn’t have to be pricey. We have the business, leisure and family travellers in mind,” says Ponde.

For business guests, the back gardens of the hotel provide a good backdrop and a calming effect for work with free Wi-Fi whilst The Travelodge’s restaurant and bar provide a vast cuisine and cocktails.

“We have highly-trained chefs whose tailor-made dishes always tickle the pallet. After a day of hard work, our guests deserve a good meal, cold drinks and a good rest. Travelodge provides just that at affordable prices,” concludes the General Manager.

The hotel has thermal insulation which keeps the facility cool in the worst of heats. It utilises LED lights to save energy and has self-sustaining plants that do not require a lot of water. It is a green hotel. Travelodge has two phases of construction phase one is complete. Phase two will have conference facilities, swimming pool, and sport courts.


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