Thursday, October 6, 2022

Batshu mum on indefinite acting

The acting Minister of Justice, Defence and Security, Edwin Batshu, has declined to comment on the statement recently made by the Office of President spokesperson, Jeff Ramsay, that he will act indefinitely in the position.

Instead of personally answering the question, he directed his private secretary, Thekiso Matenge, to tell The Telegraph that all questions regarding the issue should be addressed to the Office of the President.

The Telegraph had wanted to know how he personally feels to be acting indefinitely and whether he does not think that this shows that the President does not have confidence in him to become substantive Minister of Defence, Justice and Security.

Some observers are saying that the government’s stand that Batshu will act indefinitely is bad for good governance .

There is also speculation that Batshu is holding fort for Ndelu Seretse who is fighting a corruption charge at a Gaborone Magistrate Court and that Batshu will make way immediately after Seretse’s troubles with the law are over.

A ruling on the case is expected this week.

The issue of Batshu’s indefinite acting was recently raised at the Botswana People’s Party congress where a resolution was adopted that President Ian Khama needs to appoint a full time Minister of Justice, Defence and Security instead of having Batshu.


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