Thursday, July 18, 2024

Batswana arrested in Mozambique for car theft

Authorities in Mozambique have arrested two Batswana who are among the most wanted hard core criminals in Botswana.

A third suspect is also locked up in the South African cells.

Preparation for their extradition to Botswana is under away.

Information gathered by this publication indicates that more than twenty Batswana suspected criminals are being detained in across various SADC countries.

Officer commanding of Serious Crime Squad detective senior superintendent Phenyoitsile 

Nnanakoko has confirmed that that two suspected local criminals were recently nailed by the authorities in Mozambique.

“It is true that some of the most wanted suspects Gotewang Cairo Serumola and Tshepo Swapo who are locals have been detained in Mozambique”.

He explained that the two suspects were arrested after they were found with a stolen extra heavy duty truck that was stolen from Botswana.

“It has emerged that extra heavy trucks are now being targeted by criminals and taken across the borders where they are in demand,” he said.

He said the two suspects are also wanted in Botswana linked to a cross border criminal syndicate that specialises in motor vehicle theft.

Nnanakoko said there is a good number of local vehicles that have been impounded by Mozambique police authorities that were initially stolen from Botswana.

He said intelligence has revealed that there is a lucrative market in Mozambique that has attracted criminals from Botswana to join such syndicates. 

He indicated that another suspect who claims to be a Motswana citizen Patrick Churinga is also locked behind bars in South Africa for a similar offense.

“As the police we strongly believe that the said suspect could be the mastermind of car theft in Botswana.”

He added that Churinga is linked to other serious offenses that he said he is uncomfortable  discussing in the media.

“I am not in a position to disclose those offenses due to security reasons”.


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