Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Strategic land available for Batswana in the UK

A company in Johannesburg is now offering Batswana a chance to buy strategic land in the United Kingdom (UK).
With prices ranging from as little as 200 000 pula, one can own property in the queen’s land.

Strategic land is land that has been recognized for its high potential to secure resigning for potential use within 2-7 years.
Some Batswana didn’t fail to make use of the opportunities offered by the south-african company at the country’s global exposition held recently at Ditshupo.

More than 4 plots of the ‘secure investment’ were sold during the exposition that bought together viable different business entrepreneurs from all over the globe.
According to their reports, about 46 plots are available for Batswana.

Luckily for those interested in venturing overseas, a relatively new but well established St James is just a phone call away while it’s still in the process of negotiating for a regional office in Botswana.

Wayne Horwitz, group CEO of the company born out of a sister company based in the UK, says that housing demands in the UK are rapidly on the increase.

The company, which has already proved to be a success in its own field, with three offices based in South Africa, is now setting up agencies in the regions.

His company buys land and then sub-divides it; price of sales depend on rezoning.

Horwitz revealed to the Sunday Standard that the beauty of the whole process is that the land is actually a 100% possession of the buyer and contracts are drawn up to prove statements to that effect.

“The risks involved in investing on buying land through our company are minor; we basically put our clients through genuine detailed exercise.

We as a company are also required to sign an anti-money laundering through FICA,” says Horwitz.

Still from the Johannesburg office, the company has managed to sell land in the UK throughout Africa in countries such as Ghana, Zambia, Kenya, and Mauritius.

According to Horwitz the process of acquiring strategic land through their business can take up to three months maximum depending on how the clients prefer to pay.
With full cash payments, their fastest deal on record was 13 days.

“A client pays only 10% of the deposit and has to complete paperwork and that’s it, unless they want to come along and choose their preferred plot, after that the hard work is left with us,” says Horwitz.


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