Wednesday, February 21, 2024

BBS/Sunday Standard meet over reports

Representatives of the Botswana Building Society (“BBS”/“The Society”) and the Sunday Standard newspaper met on 06 June 2012 to discuss articles pertaining to the BBS/SAFCO matter as published by the newspaper in recent weeks.

At the outset, BBS made it clear that it was not its place to dictate to the Sunday Standard what story it can or cannot write. That decision is entirely up to its editorial team.

However, BBS raised the concern that it had not been contacted, in any manner, so that it could have an opportunity to place its side of the story, especially with regard to side issues that are not part of any of the judgments relating to the BBS/SAFCO case which has been running for about 10 years.

BBS’s point was, therefore, that the Sunday Standard can run any story on it, including on the SAFCO matter, as long as its view is sought so that it is not prejudiced as was the case over the previous two weeks.

BBS, nonetheless, accepts the Sunday Standard’s acknowledgement that it should have contacted BBS over matters outside of judgments pertaining to its matter with SAFCO.

BBS also appreciates the assurance by the Sunday Standard that there was no malice whatsoever in the publication of the articles pertaining to its case with SAFCO, which, as stated above, is still before court. It is in this spirit of mutual understanding that both parties agreed that the situation could have been handled differently.

As regards allegations of criminality by BBS, the Society’s position is still that it has not committed any such act either with regard to the SAFCO matter or any other.

Lastly, BBS is satisfied that any differences of understanding regarding the BBS/SAFCO issue have been clarified.


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