Monday, July 22, 2024

BCA looks to sell cricket around Botswana

In efforts to spread cricket countrywide and to ensure its exposure to all villages, Botswana Cricket Association (BCA) had held a two day training workshop at BCA oval recently.

The workshop which was targeted at Junior school teachers is said to have gone according to plan as the attendees showed interest in the development of the sport. National cricket coach Joseph Kangara who was spear heading the workshop said the attendance and participation has been good.

Coach Kangara further said that they have adopted a habit of hosting workshops on regular basis. “We want more coverage so we need teachers to help us spread the game because they are the ones that spend more time with the students,” added Kangara.

Asked on how they plan on retaining these coaches, Kangara highlighted that they make follow ups on them at school.

“Schools are currently closed so when they open we check on how they are implementing knowledge that they got from the workshops that we host for them,” he added. Kangara further revealed that in a bid to ensure the sport is spread throughout the country, they have developed and sent coaches to many areas across the country.

“We have coaches in various places in schools who are passing the knowledge to the students because we believe in grassroots development, thereafter its nurturing the unearthed talent,” he said.

Moreover, Kangara concluded that they also provide cricket equipments to rural areas so that they do not get disadvantaged. “We help them by giving equipments and encouraging teachers to attend the workshops so that they can pass it on in rural areas,” he added.


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