Wednesday, June 12, 2024

BCP Councilor in Old Naledi eases fears of defection

Botswana Congress Party’s solitary councilor in Old Naledi says he remains a loyal, committed and devoted member of the BCP.

There has recently been a groundswell of gossip that Mathata Mosekwa is about to defect from the BCP.

Questions over Mosekwa’s loyalty come in the wake of many troubles bedeviling his party which have prompted defections.

“I am a devoted and dedicated member of BCP and remains steadfast to its principles and decisions,” said Mosekwa during the interview.

Together with Oarabile Motlaleng, Mosekwa had won a ward on the BCP ticket. 

Motlaleng has since gone absent without leave and is reportedly somewhere overseas.

His excuse is that he is receiving medical treatment following his brutal attack by unknown assailants a few weeks before General Elections in October last year.

Questions on Mosekwa surfaced recently following an audio tape that was leaked wherein some leading BCP activists held a secret meeting with the Secretary General of the Botswana Democratic Party, Botsalo Ntuane.

In the audio tape one BCP activist is overheard saying Mosekwa is a troubled soul and is a defection candidate.

Mosekwa has however rebuffed such suggestions: “I remain committed to the party and whatever the decisions the party may take over the opposition cooperation I am willing and ready to toe the party line.”

He said like the rest of the public he has come to know of his imminent recruitment and possible resignation through the audio tape leakage aired on social media.

Former BCP Youth League President, Lotty Manyapedza who was one of the people suspended by BCP over links to a meeting with the BDP has since resigned from BCP.

He followed in the footsteps of fellow party members including the former BCPYL Secretary General Thato Osupile.

 “Every organization is bound to be devastated when one of its members resigns from the organization…and BCP leadership including myself we are utterly devastated and troubled by the wave of resignations,” Mosekwa said.

“My heart is bleeding considering the enormous help our comrades rendered to the party particularly comrade Manyapedza. To lose such a notable character is a great loss to the party. He was responsible for the majority of our party victories including mine,” he added.

Mosekwa is conscious of the constitutional right bestowed on every individual to associate with any group or association and appreciates such a noble gesture.

He would however not be dragged into discussing Motlaleng’s political future, referring further enquiries to his lawyer Martin Dingake.

“We talked last week and promised he is still a devoted BCP member. He indicated to come soon and serve his people,” was all Mosekwa would say.

He will also not mention councilor Motlaleng’s exact whereabouts.

Meanwhile Manyapedza has not yet announced his new political home.


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